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A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting with A2P 10DLC Registration

Get A2P 10DLC compliant in Aloware by registering brand, campaigns, lines, paying fees, and monitoring compliance. Contact support for assistance.

As a valued Aloware customer, we want to ensure you are aware of the A2P 10DLC (App-to-Peer 10-Digit Long Code) compliance requirements, which are essential for uninterrupted messaging services and maintaining a strong relationship with your customers.

Important Deadlines for Registration:

  • July 20th - Unregistered brands will no longer be able to send outbound SMS on 10DLC lines, whether manual or automatic.

  • August 1st - Unregistered lines won't support automated outbound SMS and MMS, including sequences, broadcasts, SMS API, AlohaBot, and HubSpot workflows.

  • August 10th - Unregistered lines will be blocked for all outbound SMS and MMS traffic.

    Note - During the campaign review phase, outbound SMS and MMS will still be allowed.

  • Starting August 30th - Outbound SMS and MMS traffic will be blocked for trial accounts, and lines will remain blocked until campaign approval, not during the review.

Compliance is not optional - it's essential.

Read our blog post, Aloware's Timeline.

To prevent disruptions, please submit your 10DLC and A2P brand registration under Account > Compliance.

Understanding A2P 10DLC Compliance

Before we proceed, let's first clarify some terms used in this article:

  1. A2P (App-to-Peer) - This involves sending SMS and MMS from applications to individuals.
  2. 10DLC (10-Digit-Long-Code) - These are 10-digit phone numbers with an area code, like 555-555-5555.
  3. A2P 10DLC compliance - It is an industry-wide initiative that applies to businesses using 10DLC to send messages in the US over A2P services like Aloware.
  4. Use Cases - These refer to the business' intention in sending SMS and MMS, such as validating new users, sending marketing messages, etc.

The Benefits of A2P 10DLC Compliance

A2P 10DLC compliance aims to provide businesses with a reliable, trusted, and secure solution to reach their customers while protecting consumers from unwanted and spam messages. By registering your brand and campaigns, you contribute to increased transparency and reduced message filtering.

Who is Affected by A2P 10DLC Compliance?

A2P 10DLC compliance applies to everyone who texts in the United States using Ten-Digit Long Codes via A2P services like Aloware.

This change is not unique to our product and is being implemented across the industry.

It's important to note that A2P 10DLC requirements do not apply to text traffic over Toll-Free numbers, as they are already sanctioned for business use.

Impact on Cost of Texting

Aloware's pricing will remain unchanged in response to A2P 10DLC compliance.

However, carriers may impose additional pass-through fees on text traffic, which will be passed on to our clients without any extra cost.

It is our commitment to maintain cost stability while meeting compliance requirements.

Registration Process and Fees

When you register your brand with carriers for A2P 10DLC messaging, there is a $44 brand registration fee and a $15 campaign vetting fee for each campaign to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines and industry standards.

For a detailed breakdown and further understanding of these charges, we recommend referring to our article on A2P 10DLC Fees: Brand Registration and Campaign Costs.

Importance of Timely Compliance

Different carriers have different timelines for A2P 10DLC implementation.

We strongly advise businesses to complete their registration before the deadlines, to avoid unexpected fees or message filtering.

Proactively addressing compliance requirements ensures uninterrupted messaging services and maintains a strong relationship with your audience.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with A2P 10DLC registration may result in blocking all text messages. It is crucial to prioritize compliance to avoid this outcome.

Navigating Troubles with Campaign Registration

Should you encounter a hiccup and your campaign registration fails, don't worry. We advise you to resubmit your registration and carefully review the reasons for the initial failure. Compliance with A2P 10DLC requires the successful completion of both brand and campaign registration.

Read about the A2P 10DLC Rejection Reasons and Corrective Actions to learn more.

Aloware's Assistance in the Compliance Process

Aloware is committed to assisting our clients in the compliance journey. We will gather the necessary information to manage the registration process on your behalf. Once registered, the networks will determine the volume and level of filtering for your texting campaigns based on an assigned Trust Score.

To further support your journey, we've crafted a comprehensive guide outlining the steps to get started with A2P 10DLC registration.

Steps on How to Get Started with A2P 10DLC Registration

As businesses increasingly use text messaging to communicate with their customers, regulations have adapted to ensure quality control and user protection. A2P 10DLC is a vital regulation in the US that affects businesses using any kind of software for calling and texting needs.

Compliance with this regulation is not a recommendation - it's a requirement.

Step 1: Understand the Requirements

Before you start, make sure you understand what A2P 10DLC is and how it impacts your business. Review the compliance requirements and guidelines provided by the Aloware Compliance Team.

Step 2: Register Your Brand

The first step in the actual registration process is to register your brand. You'll provide information about your business, such as your business name, address, tax ID, and more.

If you already have admin access, then click here to submit your brand now.

Step 3: Register Your Campaigns

Next, you'll need to declare your campaigns. All lines in Aloware must have an approved campaign registration to send SMS/MMS. You can create up to 50 campaigns for each use case. Provide details about each campaign, such as its purpose, the type of messages you'll be sending, and the expected volume of messages.

If you already have admin access, then click here to submit your campaigns now.

Step 4: Identify Your Use Cases

Determine your use cases for A2P messaging. These are the reasons you'll be sending messages to your customers - like customer support, marketing, account notifications, etc.

Step 5: Register your Lines

Ensure that all lines you intend to use for A2P messaging are registered. If you have any unregistered lines, take the necessary steps to register them promptly to comply with A2P 10DLC requirements. Each line must go through the registration process.

Step 6: Pay the Required Fees

There are fees associated with brand registration and campaign vetting. Make sure you understand these costs and have paid them to avoid delays in your registration.

These fees are 'passed-through' from the carriers and not levied by Aloware.

Learn about the associated fees in this article, "A2P 10DLC Fees: Brand Registration and Campaign Costs".

Step 7: Wait for Approval

Once you've submitted all your information and paid your fees, the carriers will review your application. This can take a few days to a few weeks. Once approved, you'll receive a trust score that impacts your message throughput.

Step 8: Monitor Your Compliance

After you've been approved, it's important to monitor your compliance in the Account menu > Compliance. Make sure all your messaging aligns with your declared use cases and that you stay within your approved message volume.

Remember, non-compliance with A2P 10DLC will lead to your messages being blocked, so it's critical to follow these steps carefully.

While following updated compliance regulations may be challenging, Aloware has a team dedicated to carrier operations and regulations. Please contact support@aloware.com with any questions or reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly.