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A2P 10DLC Compliance: Campaign Registration

Register lines for A2P 10DLC: Choose use case, describe campaign, consent, samples, content, comply, pay, agree, finish. Ensure SMS campaign success with Aloware.

Once you have completed the Brand Registration process, it is now time to proceed with adding your lines to a registered campaign.

For more information on Brand Registration (Steps 1 and 2), click here.

Campaign Registration is often used synonymously with Line Registration and Use Case Registration. These terms are interchangeable.

Step 3: Use Case Registration

Aloware provides two (2) options to register your campaigns:

  1. If your use case involves Customer care, Marketing, and Mixed, click the "Quick Setup" button.

  2. If your use case is different, go for the "Advance Setup" button.

Since each campaign can host multiple Aloware lines, the aim is to register multiple lines to as few campaigns as possible.

The recommended approach for campaign registration:

  • Customer Care - Add agent lines used for inbound/outbound calls and texts, including personal and inbound support lines.

  • Marketing - Register all SMS marketing lines, including those used for Bulk SMS.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Click the Quick Setup button to initiate campaign registration.

  2. Select the type of use case or campaign from the provided options. While there are multiple options, the most common use cases are below.

Use Case


Customer Care

This use case involves using SMS to provide customer support, account management assistance, and other avenues of customer interaction.

Example: A healthcare organization uses SMS to send appointment reminders, follow-up care instructions, and answer general health-related queries for patients.


Marketing campaigns focus on sending promotional content, such as sales offers, discounts, and limited-time deals, to customers.

Example: An e-commerce store sends SMS messages to its subscribers, offering a 20% discount on selected items for a limited time.


Mixed use case combine SMS campaigns for multiple business needs like Customer Care, Marketing, and Delivery Notifications.

Mixed campaigns are likely to have lower throughput (less than 2,000 SMS/MMS per day) and a higher cost per message.

Example: For Customer Care and Delivery Notification

"Hi SAM, your meal kit is on its way! It will be delivered today by 6 PM. Need help? Reply here. Happy cooking!"

For more advanced setup and additional campaign use cases, click Advanced Setup.

You can also read this guide about Understanding the A2P 10DLC SMS Campaign Registry and Use Cases.

  • By default, Aloware will include all your unregistered lines, but you can select specific lines for your campaign.

  • Campaign Description - describe the purpose and nature of your use case or campaign, focusing on how it benefits your audience and aligns with your business objectives.

    Example: A recommended example for customer care would be "Provide assistance to our current customers, mainly conversational communication".

  • How do end-users consent to receive messages? (40-2048 characters) - explain how end-users can opt-in to your campaign, giving consent to receive messages.

    1. Include details about the opt-in methods available, ensuring all options are listed if multiple methods are used for the same campaign.

    2. This should be within the character limit of 40-2048 characters.

  • Message Sample #1 - It's crucial to embed compliant opt-out words in your sample messages, providing a clear instruction like "Text STOP to unsubscribe." Neglecting this opt-out language could lead to registration setbacks.

Remember to click the refresh button, allowing Aloware to select random messages from your outbound SMS.

Example: Hi [lead name], this is [rep name] from [your company name] reaching out about ___________________. Reply STOP to opt out.

  • Message Sample #2 - Provide an additional sample message that aligns with your use case, demonstrating the content and format of your campaign messages. This helps provide a clearer understanding of the communication style and tone you intend to use.

    Example: Hi [lead name], this is [rep name] from [your company name] following up about ________________.

  • Message Contents - specify whether your messages will include embedded links or phone numbers, based on the nature of your campaign and the content you plan to send. This helps provide clarity and transparency to your recipients.

    • In addition to the above, it is important to note the following elements for compliance:

      • Sender Identifier - On initial messages and follow-up messages without an active or ongoing conversation with the end-user, clearly indicate your sender's name and the company name. Each message must identify you as the sender, the party that obtained the opt-in from the recipient, except in follow-up messages of an ongoing conversation.

      • Opt-Out Phrase - Include an opt-out phrase at the end of every initial message sent to all lead contacts. Additionally, provide an opt-out option every 30 days when sending your initial message to leads with active or ongoing conversations. This allows recipients to easily unsubscribe from future communications, ensuring compliance with regulations.

  • One-time Per Campaign Fee - Each use case requires a one-time charge to cover carrier processing fees.

    Read about A2P 10DLC Fees: Brand Registration and Campaign costs to know more.

  • Agree Terms and Conditions

  • Click the Next: Exceptions & Limitations button once done.

Step 4: Exceptions and Limitations

  1. Identify the Line to use:

    1. Local Presence Phone Numbers

    2. Toll-Free Numbers

    3. International Numbers

  2. Click the Register My Business button once you are done.

Step 5: Finish

  • This confirms that you are done with the registration, and you need to wait for the result. This confirms that you have successfully submitted your registration in A2P 10DLC.

By following this guide, you can ensure compliance with FCC and carrier regulations, maintain trust with your audience, and engage in commercial text messaging effectively.

Sample Notification for Successful Registration

After you've completed your Brand Registration, it's time to add your lines to a registered campaign.

Keep in mind that the Billing Admin will receive an email notification if a campaign is rejected or receives a brand score of 0.

Aloware streamlines the registration process, providing businesses with a convenient way to meet the requirements and excel in the realm of text messaging communication. Additionally, when utilizing Aloware Sequences and Broadcast, an opt-out message is automatically included to ensure compliance and give recipients the option to unsubscribe.

To learn more on how to register your Lines, click here.