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A2P 10DLC Rejection Reasons: Corrective Actions for Successful Campaign Registration

Common A2P 10DLC rejection reasons & solutions: accurate campaign description, valid sample messages, URLs, compliant opt-in/opt-out, age gate, support email, brand association, content attribute. Review before resubmitting.

When it comes to A2P 10DLC (Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code) campaigns, it's crucial to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the service provider to ensure successful registration.

In this article, we will discuss the common rejection reasons for A2P 10DLC campaigns and the corrective actions you can take to address them.

Error Code



Error Code 30886 - Invalid Campaign Description

If your campaign description does not thoroughly explain the purpose of the campaign or fails to match the use case, it may result in rejection.

To resolve this, verify that your campaign description is accurate, detailed, and aligns with the intended use case. If you are an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) offering a direct service to customers, explicitly mention this in your campaign description.

Error Code 30893 - Invalid Sample Message Use Case

Sample messages play a crucial role in demonstrating the content and purpose of your campaign.

If your sample messages are either not provided, are unclear, or do not align with the campaign use case, they will be rejected.

To rectify this, ensure that your sample messages are accurate, detailed, and reflect the actual messages to be sent under the campaign. Use brackets to indicate templated fields, and include your business name in at least one sample message. Additionally, make sure that the use case and campaign description are consistent.

Error Code 30892 - Invalid Sample Message - Public URL Shorteners

Using public URL shorteners in the website URLs included in sample messages is not accepted.

If you have included such URLs, remove them and provide direct, non-shortened URLs instead. Furthermore, ensure that the provided URLs are secured.

Error Code 30891 - Invalid Website URL

If you provide an invalid URL for registration, it will be rejected.

Make sure that the websites you submit are functioning properly. In the case of a pre-launch registration, indicate this in your campaign description.

Error Code 30896 - Opt-in Error

Your opt-in message workflow must meet the guidelines set by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).

If your opt-in process is insufficient for the campaign type or if consent is required but not obtained, your campaign may be rejected.

Verify that your opt-in method is compliant, and list all the opt-in options you provide. If opt-in is collected through a paper form or behind a login, provide a hosted link to an image of the opt-in. If opt-in occurs on a website, provide a link to the website that includes a privacy policy and terms of service. Also, ensure that opt-in information is not shared with third parties.

Error Code 30887 - Opt-out Error

If your campaign indicates collecting and processing consumer opt-outs but lacks a clear opt-out workflow, opt-out keywords, or an opt-out message, it will be rejected.

To rectify this, ensure that your opt-out workflow is accurate and update the Call-to-Action/Message Flow description with the opt-out process. If you manage opt-outs, add appropriate opt-out keywords and update the opt-out message to acknowledge the opt-out request, confirm that no further messages will be sent, and include your brand name.

Error Code 30890 - Subscriber Help

The HELP message reply you provide must contain your brand name, phone number, or email address.

Verify that your subscriber help message includes this information. The message should guide customers on whom they can contact after replying with "help."

Error Code 30889 - Embedded Phone Number

If you have selected the option to use an embedded phone number but it is not reflected in the sample message, your campaign may be rejected.

Ensure that the embedded phone number selection is accurate. Update the sample messages to include the embedded phone number or modify the embedded phone number selection accordingly.

Error Code 30888 - Age Gate Not Present/Not Acceptable

If your campaign requires an age gate, make sure it is present. An age gate ensures that only individuals of a certain age can access your website or opt in.

Verify the presence of a robust age gate in your website or opt-in policy.

Error Code 30881 - Invalid Brand Support Email

Your support email must be associated with the brand. If the provided brand support email is invalid or associated with a public domain email, your campaign may be rejected.

Ensure that your brand support email is valid and not linked to a public domain email.

Error Code 30894 - Invalid Brand Information

If your campaign registration is not associated with the brand behind the campaign, it may be rejected.

If you are an ISV registering a direct offering, make sure to indicate this in your campaign description.

Error Code 30895 - Direct Lending - Campaign and Content Attribute Error

If your campaign involves direct lending or loan arrangements but lacks the appropriate content attribute indicating this, it will be rejected.

Review your campaign registration and ensure that the content attribute indicating direct lending is selected. If your campaign is not related to direct lending or loan arrangements, update the campaign description accordingly.

By understanding these rejection reasons and taking the necessary corrective actions, you can improve your chances of successful campaign registration for A2P 10DLC messaging. Remember to review and verify your information before resubmitting your campaign for review, ensuring that it aligns with the guidelines provided by your service provider.