Adding Phone Numbers to your Aloware Lines

Add phone numbers to Aloware lines for better call management. Go to Lines tab, Phone numbers in Settings, click +Add Number. Select a country, input desired digits, choose a match option, and confirm to see the new number in your list.

Adding phone numbers to your Aloware lines helps your team to manage a large number of calls daily, where you can re-route incoming calls, enroll contacts to ring groups, or allow them to leave a voicemail.

Adding phone numbers is a great way to increase your revenues and to improve integrity with your customers with a local phone number presence.

Adding Phone Numbers to Line

To add a phone number to your line,

  1. Go to the Lines tab, and navigate to the Phone numbers section in General Settings.

  2. Click +Add Number to Line.

  3. In the Add Phone Number pop-up modal, complete the following fields:
    • Country - Select the country to which you need to assign a phone number

    • Number - Type 3 digits that you want to be part of your number, e.g., 435. Aloware will display different numbers to select from.

    • Match To - From the number field, the admin may match the numbers by

      • Area Code - e.g. (435) 334-3960

      • The first part of the number - e.g. (435) 334-3960

      • Anywhere in number - e.g. (914) 353-4350

      • Last part of the number - e.g. (860) 689-1435

      • Click the +Add Number button.


    The newly added number should be displayed in the list of Phone numbers section.