Aloware Actions for HubSpot Workflows and Rate Limits in HubSpot

HubSpot Workflows automate tasks. When integrated with Aloware, you can use Aloware Actions in workflows. Configure these actions in HubSpot. Note Aloware's request rate limits.

What are HubSpot Workflows?

HubSpot Workflows allow you to automate your sales and service processes, which rely on Actions to complete different tasks, such as

  • Send an email to a lead

  • Create/modify a lead

When Aloware and HubSpot integrate, Aloware provides its Actions to let HubSpot users include Aloware tasks in their HubSpot Workflows:

  • Enroll to sequence

  • Send a message

  • Add to user's Power Dialer

  • Disenroll from all sequences

How to Add Aloware Actions to HubSpot

After creating your workflow, you can add Aloware actions which can be found in the Aloware Extensions.

  • In your HubSpot account, click the Workflows tab.

  • Choose an existing workflow or create a new workflow.

  • Add a HubSpot Enrollment Trigger, and click the + icon to add an action.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the right sidebar and select the four (4) Aloware Actions.

Aloware Actions and its Properties

Aloware: Enroll a Sequence

After creating your workflow, you can add the Enroll a Sequence action to your HubSpot workflow that will include a contact in your HubSpot automated sequence.

  1. Sequence - Assign a workflow for a contact that you have on your Aloware account.

  2. Force Enroll? - Disenroll the contacts from a sequence and enroll them in this new sequence.

Aloware: Send a Message (SMS/ MMS) Action

Sending a message action allows HubSpot users to send SMS and MMS using Aloware messenger. You can customize the Aloware Line, agent, and message template.


  1. Aloware Line to send from - Select from your Aloware lines to send messages

  2. Send as (agent attribution) - Send a message as the agent, which means there would be no owner or no owner connected to that particular message.

  3. Message - This is the most important property in sending a message. This is where you type in your message, and you can use Contact Tokens to pull in a contact's name or other information. HubSpot automatically fills these tokens depending on the value it gets from the contact.

  4. Media URL - Last property where you can choose any picture URL. If you put a URL, Aloware fetches the picture from that URL and sends it alongside the message as an MMS.

When using this action, make sure to select your phone number properties to either the phone number or mobile number

Aloware: Add to a User's Power Dialer Action

You can also enroll contacts in Aloware's Power Dialer.


  1. User - It selects the Aloware user to whom you want to add a contact.

  2. Phone number - Assign a phone number and use it as a mobile or default phone number for HubSpot.

  3. Direction - Identify where you want to add the new contacts.

    • Top - On top of the Power Dialer list or

    • Bottom - at the bottom of the Power Dialer list

  4. Prevent Duplicates - This is also similar to Aloware's Power Dialer interface.

    • Yes - If you choose to prevent duplicates, then you can't have two contacts with the same phone number on the Power Dialer.

    • No - If you choose not to prevent duplicates, then you will be able to have two contacts with the same phone number on the Power Dialer.

If a workflow runs twice on a single contact, then only one of the contacts will be enrolled on the Power Dialer.

Aloware: Disenroll from all Sequences Action

If a contact has a workflow or is currently enrolled in sequence in Aloware, you can disenroll it on HubSpot. This can give you the control and flexibility of managing your Aloware workflow from HubSpot workflow.

  • Create a Workflow for Disenroll from all Sequences Action

  • Manually enroll the contact from HubSpot to disenroll from all sequences.

Aloware Action Requests Rate Limits

Aloware can receive up to 5000 requests max per minute per account from HubSpot Aloware Actions. The speed of actual messages sent will likely be much lower and is greatly influenced by:

  1. Type of phone number (local or toll-free)

  2. A2P 10DLC or Toll-free verified registration + Brand (TCR) score + Campaign limitations

  3. Number of phone numbers in the line

You can calculate their Message per second ratio to determine how many phone numbers they need to send large volumes of texts.

Read more about Outbound SMS in Aloware Aaction Request Rate Limits.