Aloware and Zapier: Trigger and Action Integration

Aloware's Zapier Integration automates contact management by linking external events to actions within Aloware, offering triggers for contact updates and a range of supported fields.

Why use Aloware's Zapier Integration?

Zapier works as a bridge for users who use apps that have no direct integration from Aloware but are available to integrate with Zapier.  Integration with Zapier and Aloware is a great way to create and update contacts. It happens as an external system that triggers an action to take place.

  • Automate Action Inside Aloware - If an event happens outside Aloware, you can automate:

    1. Update or create an Aloware contact.
    2. Send an SMS to an Aloware contact.
      Example: A contact visits your site, becomes interested in your service, and submits their info on your web form. Use Aloware's Zapier integration to automatically create a contact in Aloware from the webform submission.
    • Automate Action Outside Aloware - If an event happens inside Aloware (see webhook events), you can automate:

      1. External Zapier app actions

        ExampleAn agent creates a new contact in Aloware. Automatically enroll this contact into a MailChimp Marketing campaign.

    Zapier Triggers and Actions

    Zap automates tasks between Aloware and your chosen business app. It consists of

    1. Trigger - this is an event to start a Zap and determines when a contact qualifies to enter a given workflow.

      1. Contact Triggers

        • Contact Created - triggers when a new contact is created in Aloware.

        • Contact Updated - triggers when a contact is updated in Aloware.

        • Contact Disposed - triggers when contact is disposed of in Aloware (e.g., an SMS is sent).

      2. Call Disposed - triggers when a call disposition status is changed in Aloware.

    2. Action - these are functions that will execute on the qualified contact.

      1. Update/ Create Contact (Old) - creates or updates a contact of an Aloware account.
      2. Send SMS (Old) - Sends an SMS using an Aloware account.
      3. Enroll Contact to Sequence - Enroll a contact to a sequence in an Aloware account.
      4. Send RVM - Sends an RVM with an Aloware account.

      5. Number Lookup - Search for the number's information with an Aloware account.

      6. Establish Two-Legged Call - Establish a two-legged call with an Aloware account.

      Aloware and Zapier Integration-Supported Fields

      Below is a description of the fields supported by Aloware-Zapier integration:

      1. [campaign_id] - [required] Aloware campaign ID (from the campaign’s page) that this lead needs to be attached to.

      2. [phone_number] - [required] The lead’s phone number, in any format +1 818-740-5020, +1 818-740-5020, +1 818-740-5020, etc.). 

      3. [company name] - [optional] Contact's company affiliated to.

      4. [name] [first_name] [last_name] - [optional] Contact identifiers.

      5. [lead source] - [optional] A custom source field to segment the contacts later.

      6. [source] - [optional] A custom source field to segment the contacts later.

      7. [email] - [optional] Contact identifier for CRM integrations.

      8. [date_of_birth] - [optional] Contact’s birthday, in US format (12/05/1975 or 12-05-1975) for birthday campaigns.

      9. [timezone] - [optional] Contact’s timezone for scheduling purposes.

      10. [city], [state], [zip code], [country] - Contact’s geographical location for segmentation, optional. If blank, these values will be determined from the phone number.

      11. [address] - [optional] Contact's location.

      12. [website] - [optional] A custom field for the contact's business website.

      13. [notes] - Customer details on the Notes section of Aloware contacts. Use this field to capture your contact’s consent to electronic communications.