Aloware Integrations

Aloware integrates with top CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho for streamlined contact management and calling. It also supports email tools, call analytics, productivity platforms, and Zapier for expanded functionality.

Integrating your CRM with Aloware makes running your business more efficient and productive for your team because

  • it organizes and syncs valuable contact information without toggling different tools;

  • you keep track of communication history (SMS, call, fax, email), so you'll never lose track of previous conversations;

  • you can make and attend calls right from Aloware and measure call results against deals;

Find out the list of Aloware-CRM integrations in this article.

  1. CRMs and Helpdesk

    Aloware integrates with a range of popular CRMs, that allow you to sync your customer data between Aloware and your CRM, and access customer information within Aloware.

  2. Email

    Aloware integrates with mail automation tools to automate the marketing communication process and improve lead generation and nurturing.

  3. Call Analytics

  4. Other Integrations

    Aloware also integrates with productivity tools, and marketing automation tools that allow you to streamline your communication and collaboration processes.