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Anonymous Caller - Showing +266696687 on Call History

The number +266696687 is used by those who want anonymity. It spells "ANONYMOUS" on a phone keypad. Block calls from it in Aloware Talk: go to Communications > Calls, select the number, and click Block. To unblock, repeat and click Unblock.

The number +266696687 is not associated with any specific user. 

Instead, it is typically assigned to individuals who wish to remain anonymous. When dialed on a telephone keypad, the number spells out ANONYMOUS. Additionally, callers using Skype often have +266696687 displayed on the caller ID. 

How to Block Calls from +266696687

  1. Log in to your Aloware Talk account.

  2. Navigate to Communications and go to the Calls channel.

  3. Select the +266696687 communication log or any number you want to block.

  4. At the right sidebar, click Block.

You can unblock a number by selecting the blocked communication log again and clicking Unblock.