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Aloware Workflow Extension for HubSpot 

When you install Aloware's HubSpot integration, Aloware adds some extended functionality to HubSpot workflows, enabling HubSpot workflows to send text messages and MMS, enroll contacts into Aloware automation, and add contacts to our PowerDialer.  

These extensions give you powerful tools to control and manage contact flows on HubSpot, and still use Aloware's SMS / Call / PowerDialer invoked by HubSpot. 

Sending an SMS / MMS from a HubSpot Workflow

To do this, you have to:

  • Go to your HubSpot Account
  • Click on Workflows 
  • Choose an existing workflow or create a new workflow
  • Scroll to the bottom of the right sidebar and click on Aloware: Send a Message under Aloware Extensions

Aloware: Send a Message has a bunch of properties like:

  • Line Selector - It loads all the lines that you have in your Aloware account and you can pick the sending line 
  • Send as - Send a message as the Account, which means there would be no owner or no owner is connected to that particular message. Send a message as the contact owner - log the message in HubSpot, It will be logged as the contact owner or you can pick any of your agents to send the message.
  • Random Phone Number - This option is good for people that send broadcast messages or they want to send a bulk message campaign, with smart number rotation. Turning this flag on will disable Aloware's Local Presence tool. For most use cases, this should be off. 
  • Message - This is the most important property in sending a message. This is where you type in your message and you can use Contact Tokens to pull in a contact's name or other information. HubSpot automatically fills these tokens depending on the value it gets from the contact.
  • Media URL - Last property where you can choose any picture URL. If you put a URL, Aloware fetches the picture from that URL and send it alongside the message as an MMS. 

Enrolling contacts to Aloware Automations from HubSpot workflows

With this extension, you can enroll a contact with an Aloware automation sequence directly from HubSpot workflows, enabling you to continue your communication with the contact through Aloware. This extension is located at the bottom of the right sidebar in HubSpot workflows. 

There are two properties to configure for this extension: 

  • Sequence - Choose one of the automation that you have on your Aloware account.
  • Force Enroll? - When you force enroll someone to a sequence and if they already in another sequence, They will be disenrolled from their existing sequence and they will be enrolled to a new sequence.

For you who works inside HubSpot

We built some tools for you to use so that you don't have to go back and forth between Aloware and HubSpot to set things up. The reason behind this is that for you to stay inside the HubSpot environment and focus on your work while using Aloware as a communication backend. Enroll people directly and forget about Aloware triggers. You don't need to go to Aloware to modify your stuff and you can just send and enroll it from HubSpot. You don't need to worry about setting up disposition triggers, all kinds of triggers, and conditions that can happen in Aloware. You can just rely on HubSpot to take care of everything. 

We will automatically create a contact in Aloware for the contacts that you created or enrolled on HubSpot.

Create a contact on HubSpot:

Aloware contact from HubSpot:

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