Navigate to the Contacts page to see every prospect, lead, or customer you have interacted with. As a general overview, the Contacts are sorted last to first, meaning that the most recent engagement pushes the contact to the top of the list.

Furthermore, you can see the contact’s most important information on this page, such as their company names, phone number, and tags. You can also look a the contact owner and the last message sent or received.

Contact Profile

Each Contact has a small CRM-style profile, that shows their personal data, such as name, email address, and of course their phone numbers.


If you have enabled any Aloware integrations (mostly with your CRM), the contact record from Aloware will be synced with your CRM. Each Aloware contact will go to the CRM with all call and SMS data, and CRM contacts will show up in Aloware in real-time.

Read more about Hubspot Integration – Your Phone and CRM Combined.

Sending a text or making a call to this contact

To send a message to someone, or read previous conversations, search their name or their number and click on the Contact. Contacts can be tagged (for audience segmentation) or enrolled in Workflows.

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