Managing Business Hours

You can configure your business hours on this screen. Using this tool you only receive calls when your team members are available to answer calls. If a customer is calling or texting you after hours, you can drop a friendly notice that your office is closed.

Voice prompt for Calls

When a prospect calls you outside of your business hours, the following message will be played to them and they will be routed to voicemail. Just like the other prompts, this option takes in both text-to-speech and recorded audio.

Auto reply for Texts

When a lead calls your Aloware line and it’s outside your business hours, Aloware can text them back automatically saying you’ll respond later.


All dates and times on this screen are in your own timezone.

Split Times / Lunch Hours

You can split a day into multiple time slots. For example, to block out 1 hour for lunch during a business day.

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