Abandoned and Missed Calls


When a call is not answered, it will be marked as Missed or Abandoned. You can configure your Line to handle missed calls and abandoned calls effectively and ensure no customer call is lost. 
The settings are located in Routing & IVR tab.


The voicemail prompt you are configuring here is attached to the Line itself, not to the agents. Agent voicemails can be configured in the Users tab. This voicemail is used when:

  • The IVR sends the call to VoiceMail
  • Call is sent to a ring group, no queue is configured, and no one is available (fast forward)
  • Call is stuck in a ring group’s queue, and no one has taken the call (smart queue)

Handling Missed Calls

There are four ways to handle missed calls:

  • Take a Voicemail [default]: Play a prompt and take a voice message. You can view the Voicemails later on the dashboard or Line activity. You’ll receive an email with the voicemail too.
  • Route to other Line: Will send your call to another Aloware line to be answered.
  • Foward externally (to a phone number): Will send the call to a phone number outside the Aloware ecosystem, like a messaging service.
  • Do nothing and hang up: Will just hang up the call without any further action.

Text callers on abandoned or missed calls

You can send a follow-up text message if the call is abandoned or missed.

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