See Your Calls and Texts In Slack

With Slack becoming the collaboration hub for many teams across the world, Aloware integration seems to be a perfect fit. The integration allows incoming calls, received SMS, missed calls, and literally every communication instance that has happened within Aloware to popup on Slack and is handled.

Install Slack Integration: Add to Slack

You’ll need a paid Aloware account to use the Slack integration. To sign up, please fill out the form here.

Once the Aloware app is installed in Slack, it sends automatic notifications to agents telling them if they have incoming calls, has received SMS, or missed a call – basically every communication action that took place within Aloware. This helps sales reps and support teams to quickly attend to their leads, and follow up with them immediately as Slack’s platform and the channel organization allows for quick action on these tasks.

How does it work?

This integration primarily works by pushing all communication details at the moment of contact to a channel specified in Slack. This is particularly useful for contact centers, where agents have to deal with a myriad of tools in a limited amount of time. When agents have to navigate over tons and tons of different complex tools just to manage their calls, it can be detrimental to their overall performance, which can then reflect on the organization as a whole.

With Slack acting as a notification center for any and all communications that occur on Aloware, agents won’t have to deal with so many tools just to figure out who’s calling them, who dialed their number, if a text needs an answer or who they’ve gotten in touch within the day and most importantly, where the call came from.

Here’s how the integration looks like within the Slack interface:

With Slack’s strong archiving functions, your team won’t miss any communication that happens in real-time, whether inbound or outbound. Furthermore, these messages can be forwarded from one channel to another, essentially acting as mini-tasks.

What else can it offer?

Besides serving as a notification center for any communication that happens, Slack has a great archiving system for any communication that comes in. This means that it can also serve as an archive of data for your quality assurance team, which is one of the most important factors when running a contact center.

For many businesses, especially in sales, having an easy to use log integrated with your office communication system is sure to boost office productivity, and empowers your team to follow up on your most important leads.

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