Troubleshooting Outbound Call Errors


This article provides instructions on how to resolve the outbound call errors which prevents users from making outbound calls.


Below are the common error messages:

Error Message



Sorry, but the number you are trying to call is not valid The phone number is not valid, due to missing digits or incorrect format. Please check the phone number and try again.
Sorry, but you do not have the permission to make outbound calls at this time. Please contact our support. Only Admins, Agents, and Reps have the calling capability. Please contact to check your permission.
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Sorry, but your user is paused and cannot make outbound calls at this time. Please contact your account admin to activate your user. User account is "Paused"

Please reach out to your Account Admin to activate the user account.
Sorry, we cannot power dial a DNC contact. We can not call or text a DNC(Do Not Call) contact using any of our automation including PowerDialer. DNC status is irreversible. If you think this was a mistake please contact
This account is ineligible for international calling and transfers. Please contact our support team to enable international calling.  International calling is disabled on your account. Please contact for this feature.
Sorry, but it looks like we can not figure out a caller id for your account. No outbound line is selected or the default outbound line is deleted Please check the account default outbound line settings if you are an Admin or check profile settings if you are an Agent.
If it’s from PowerDialer please check the outbound line.
Sorry, there are no power dialer tasks remaining to run. PowerDialer list is finished in the middle of the Power dialing session.

Please check completed/failed tasks if you would like to see what happened to your last call.
Sorry, but we cannot find this user right now. User is deleted. Usually happens when using an IP Phone and the user is deleted.
Please contact if you think this is a mistake.
Sorry, but we cannot find this call right now. Call not found or deleted.  Please contact if you think this is a mistake.

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