Automating HubSpot Workflow with Aloware Sending SMS

Integrate Aloware with HubSpot to enable SMS messaging to contacts. The process includes creating a workflow in HubSpot, configuring Aloware message settings, manually enrolling contacts, and monitoring SMS activities in both platforms.

To enhance your communication and engagement efforts, you can seamlessly integrate Aloware into your HubSpot workflow, enabling you to send SMS messages to your contacts. Follow this guide to learn how to set up and utilize this integration effectively.


Before you begin, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional Enterprise, Sales Hub Professional Enterprise, Service Hub Professional Enterprise, or Operations Hub Professional Enterprise.

  2. Your Aloware and HubSpot accounts must be integrated.

How to Create SMS Sending Workflow

Step 1: Setting Up Your Workflow

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to the Workflows tab.

  2. Select either "From Scratch" or "From Template". For this example, we will select "From Scratch".

  3. Select "Contact-based", then "Blank workflow" as your triggers and actions.

  4. Give your workflow a clear and easily understood name.

  5. Click the "+" button to add actions.

  6. From the "Choose an Action" panel, go to Aloware actions and select "Aloware: Send a message."

    • Set the following properties:

      • Aloware Line to send from - Assign the Aloware line you want to use for sending the message.

      • Send as (agent attribution) - Select "Contact Owner".

      • Message - Provide the SMS message you want to send.

      • Phone Number - Specify the property that contains the recipient's phone number. In this example, select "Phone Number."

      • Media URL - Add a URL if you want to include media in the message.

  7. Click Save to save your settings.

  8. Click the Review and Publish button.

  9. If there are no more changes, click the Turn on button.

Step 2: Enrolling Contacts

  1. Next, you need to enroll contacts into the workflow.

  2. You can choose to manually enroll contacts or view enrollments. For manual enrollment, select "Manually enroll contacts".

  3. Select the contacts you want to add to the workflow and click the Enroll button.

  4. Your selected contacts are now enrolled in the SMS workflow.

Step 3: Checking the SMS Workflow

  1. To check if the SMS workflow is working successfully, navigate to the contact's menu.

  2. Check the "Recent Communications" or "Contact Activities" in HubSpot to view the activity.

  3. You can also view the activity in Aloware's Communication Log.

  4. Click "View conversation in Aloware," and the SMS messenger in Aloware will appear.