Billing Implication of Paused & Suspended Users

Aloware's 'Paused' users, billed as active, can't receive calls but access reports. 'Suspended' users, still billable, lose access but keep history. 'Deleting' a user is irreversible and ends billing.

Aloware users are a little different from users on other SaaS platforms. Having a user license with Aloware not only allows users to log in but also take and make calls. In this article, we're going to review the billing implications of pausing and suspending users. 


  • Only admins can change the user access in Aloware.

Paused Users

When you pause a user, they can still log in to the platform to view reports, see analytics, and modify settings (if they are an admin). However, paused users are NOT able to set their phone status to "available" and receive calls; they can still make an outbound call and send/receive messages.

Paused users are automatically skipped in ring group call routing and deemed offline for any inbound call purposes. Any calls to their personal lines will route to their voicemail if they have set it as such.

Paused users are billable and will count toward your subscription charges. The pause functionality here is intended to be temporary and might be used in the following scenarios:

  1. Agent goes on vacation and you want to prevent any calls from getting to them.

  2. Supervisors who do not want to be on any calls at any given time, but still want to maintain full access to the platform to review calls, messages, and analytics.

Suspended Users

When you suspend a user, they lose the ability to log in to the Aloware platform. Consequently, no calls will be routed to them, all notifications will cease, and they will be skipped over without voicemail in any call routing setting. Since they cannot log in to Aloware, they won't be able to make calls or send/receive text messages. With that being said, all their communication history, personal settings, and contact interactions will be preserved.

Suspended users are also considered billable and will count toward your subscription charges. Suspension is useful in the following scenarios:

  1. The agent has left the company, but their communication history should be temporarily preserved.

  2. The agent has left the company, but you still want to maintain their settings and re-use that license for a future employee.

Deleting Users

User deletion in Aloware is not reversible

Furthermore, if you want to temporarily stop an agent from logging in or re-use a license, consider suspension.

When you delete a user from Aloware, the following will occur:

  1. The user will not be able to log in to the platform.

  2. Their association with communications is erased, however, calls and SMS history will stay (just not connected to the deleted user).

  3. Their assigned contacts will become unassigned.

  4. They are removed from line settings, ring group settings, and other routing mechanisms of Aloware.

User deletion should not be taken lightly as it modifies historical call and communication records. Consider using suspension instead.