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Customizing Contact, Call, and SMS Dispositions in Aloware Admin

Aloware allows agents to log call outcomes and contact dispositions for analysis, performance monitoring, and lead tracking. Admins can customize dispositions.

    When an agent ends a call, it is important to log the outcome status of the call and if the contact moves forward in the sales process. These statuses are valuable in helping the admin to

    1. Analyze sales and support call operations.
    2. Monitor how well agents are doing.
    3. Keep track of the status of potential leads.

    Aloware provides a set of default call outcomes for all accounts, and these cannot be deleted.

    If a call or contact outcome is deleted from an integrated CRM like HubSpot, it will automatically unlock at around 5:00 PM PST. Aloware syncs call and contact outcomes every day.


    • Only admins can customize the dispositions.

    Contact Dispositions

    Contact Dispositions help users track the lead's status in your sales flow. Different contacts respond to different sales calls. It is important to log their statuses, so the agent and the admin would know what steps to take next.

    In Aloware, the default contact dispositions are the following:

    1. Attempted to call

    2. Bad timing

    3. Connected

    4. In progress

    5. New

    6. Open

    7. Open Deal

    8. Unqualified

    To set a Contact Disposition,

    1. After completing a call, go to the Contact Outcome field.

    2. Select the contact's status from the drop-down menu.

    Adding and Customizing Contact Dispositions

    To add a new contact outcome to your Aloware account, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Accounts tab and select Contact Dispositions.
    2. Click on the +Add New Contact Disposition button located in the upper right corner of the screen.
    3. A pop-up will appear to create a new disposition status. You will need to provide the following information and then click the +Add button:

      - Choose a color

      - Name

      - Description (Optional)

    4. You should be able to see the added Contact Disposition in the list.

    5. The added Call Disposition should be on the list selection after the call ends.

    Call Dispositions

    Call Disposition is labeling or tagging the outcome of a call. This allows the agent to record accurate assessments since this is being done right after a call ends.

    Aloware has default call dispositions on all accounts with a lock icon. Default options are:

    1. Busy

    2. Connected

    3. Left live message

    4. Left voicemail

    5. No answer

    6. Wrong number

    Adding and Customizing Call Dispositions

    Customizing and adding call dispositions can only be done by the Admins.

    1. In your Aloware account, go to the Accounts tab and click on +Add New Call Disposition in the Call Dispositions tab.

    2. Select a color and provide a Name and Call Description that is easily understood. Click Add.

    3. Your newly created Call Disposition should be displayed in the list.

    Passive Communication (SMS, Email, Fax) Dispositions

    Call outcomes label or tag the result of a call. This helps agents accurately record what happened immediately after a call.

    Default dispositions include:

    1. In-progress

    2. Completed

    3. Failed

    4. Invalid

    Screenshot of Passive Communication Disposition

    To know the disposition assigned:

    1. To view the disposition assigned, simply hover your mouse over the sent message when you communicate with a contact.

    2. You can click the drop-down to view the communication details.