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Discover the Integration Features of Aloware and Guesty

Integrate Aloware and Guesty for automated messaging, unified inbox, real-time sync of bookings, local and international phone lines, and detailed tracking and reports to enhance property management and guest communication.

You can integrate Aloware and Guesty to optimize your business communication and enhance your property management capabilities. This is because with integration, you, as a property manager can easily communicate with your guests, send automated messages, and manage reservations.

Here are some benefits of integrating Aloware and Guesty:

  1. Automated Messaging

    You can set up automated messages through the Aloware Sequences feature for various phases of the guest journey, from booking confirmation to check-out instructions. You can save time and effort while providing guests with timely and relevant information.

    Aloware and Guesty Automated Messaging
  2. Unified Inbox

    The integration enables you to manage all your communication from a single inbox. You can receive and respond to calls, text messages, and emails, all in one place.

    Aloware and Guesty Unified Inbox
  3. Real-Time Sync

    The integration ensures that all your Guesty bookings are synced with Aloware. You can quickly access guest information, booking details, and communication history, without switching between platforms.

    Aloware and Guesty real-time sync
  4. Local and International Lines

    Assign a unique phone number to each Guesty list or group of listings in an instant. Aloware and Guesty integration offers several provisions to the US, Canada, and 120 more countries.

    Aloware and Guesty Lines
  5. Tracking and Reports

    Aloware provides detailed analytics on your communication performance, including call volume, call duration, and response time.

    Aloware and Guesty Tracking Reports