What are Bulk Messages?

Bulk Messaging (or SMS Broadcast) is a great way to keep in touch with your contacts. To learn more about bulk messaging, please see this article.

What is an Aloware Broadcast?

The Broadcast tool allows you to send Bulk Messages and Bulk RVMs (Ringless Voicemail) to your contacts for promotional and marketing purposes.

Creating a New Bulk Message is very easy in Aloware.

  • You can choose a Line to which you want to send the bulk message campaign. This is the phone number that sends the campaign. Note that regular 10-digit DIDs have an upper limit of 150 messages per hour. Aloware manages the throttling and limitations on your phone numbers. However, if you are sending large batches (> 1000), look into getting multiple numbers.

  • You can also select a group of contacts by tags or by filter. if you select a tag, The number of contacts with that tag will automatically be displayed on the contacts above the Message. Check out this article about contact filtering and grouping.

  • Compose a personal message or use a message template.

  • Schedule the time you want to start sending the bulk message or just send it right away.

  • Override normal texting hours (usually between 9 am to 6 pm).

  • You can also set how many messages will be sent per hour (throttling).

  • You can also send GIFs and MMS with this tool.

Here is how you Add a New Bulk Message:

  1. Go to Broadcast Menu

  2. Click + New Bulk Message button

  3. Select from the dropdown list the Line you want to send from

  4. Select and Schedule or tick Run during business hours only (9 am-6 pm) in your Local Time

  5. Select Throttling

  6. Compose your message via personal message or using a template

  7. Send GIF/ MMS

  8. Click Send Bulk Message

Note: GIF/MMS file size limit is up to 5 MB only, and a confirmation will appear in the top right portion of the interface.

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