Operating Area Codes

This feature gives the user the ability to set an area code limitation on inbound / automation calls. By default, this feature is disabled meaning it doesn’t have any filter or limitations to a specific area code for the user’s inbound / automation calls.

You can find this feature by going to the “Users” tab, then select a specific user that you want to make use of this feature, then click on “Settings” in the rightmost part of their name, then going to “Inbound Call Settings” tab, scroll down and find “Operating Area Codes” or just click it from the page map box in the right part of the interface and you will be directed to this function.

As mentioned above, it is disabled by default. Uncheck the box and click on the drop-down menu to select area codes or just simply type the area code that you want to limit.

After selecting area code/s, don’t forget to click "Save" in the lower right part of the interface.

Note: You can select as many area codes to limit as you want. Lastly, all calls that are not included in the area code list will automatically go to missed calls

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