Automation Unassign Contact Ownership

The function of this button is to modify the change contact owner step in our automation sequences to accept no owner as an option only.

In the Add Step Dialog box, check the “Unassign the contact ownership“ check box to unassign contact ownership, this should also disable the “User” select dropdown and its validation, then click the “Add" button after you're done entering other values of the Step.

A new Step should be added labeled as Owner: Unassign contact owner.

You can also edit the previous steps that have been created if you want to unassign a user to that step. First, click the “Edit” button on the created Step, then click the “Unassign the contact ownership” and it should disable the “User” select dropdown and validate the step.

Note: Unchecking the box should also enable the “User” select dropdown and its validation, just remember to click the "Save" button after editing a step.

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