Contacts Count and New Leads Syncing

Aloware keeps on improving and developing its features as time goes on for the convenience of the users. The Aloware’s contact and leads count syncing made even better. For your ease of counting, the number of contacts and leads is accurate and the syncing time is live.

Note: To check for yourself, open two-tabs of Aloware's "Contacts" tab, and create a test contact to the first tab (remember the count of all contacts and the leads), and check the second tab if the values have changed

Unanswered Lead Accounts

The "Unanswered Leads" is also improved. If a client sends an SMS to you it will automatically be added to the "Unanswered Leads" count.

You can also mark as read all the unread messages on a single contact by clicking the red numerical value in the column of "Unreads".

Lastly, below the messages, there’s also a clickable green text “Mark as Unread/Read” in which you can click it to toggle the "Mark as Read/Unread" and upon clicking "Mark as Read/Unread" the count of unanswered leads will update respectively.

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