Adding a Tag List

In creating/adding a tag, Aloware allows users to fully customize almost everything, including name, description, and category.

First, go to the Tag Tab in the foremost left of the interface, click on “+Add Tag,” then select your custom color, and type your desired Name and Description. (description is optional) Lastly, choose between the "communication" and "contacts" tags.

Tags Filters

Tags can be filtered into three different tabs, Communication Tags, Contact Tags, and Import Tags. This filter can maximize your productivity in finding a certain contact list.

Communication Tags Filter

This tag filter allows you to label your contacts accordingly. For this example, we created different tags according to lead status (Converted, Not Converted, Qualified, and Spam.).

Note: In Communication Tags, you are only allowed to view a group of contacts’ overall status.

Contact Tags

This tag filter refers to your created personalized list of contacts. You can create a tag and group them at your convenience.

Imported Tags

This filter will show you all the imported tags and contacts from your CRM. (HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, etc.)

Tag Operations

  • Communications – When you click the communication button on a certain tag, Aloware will show you the overall status of the account. This includes call minutes, the number of outbound and inbound calls, SMS Sent, as well as the overall summary of the tag that you created.

  • Contacts – this button lets you view all the contacts listed in that tag. From there, you can categorize contact tags according to your needs.

  • Assign Contacts – This function lets you assign contacts to a user or a Ring Group.

Note: By default, this tool only distributes unassigned contacts

  • Add to PowerDialer – This function lets you add tasks to a user’s PowerDialer.

  • Enroll Contacts – This function lets you assign the tag list to Active/Paused Sequences.

  • Edit – Here, you can edit its Tag color, Name, and Description for your convenience.

  • Delete – This deletes the created tag list.

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