Call Queues enable calls to be queued, where callers are kept in the queue while agents are on a call until the next available person is available to assist. You can modify your queue settings by enabling your “Smart Queue” option.


You can notify your caller of their position in the queue if you will enable the “Should Say Caller’s Position in Queue” button and offer a callback option to allow your customers to hang up and keep their place in the queue and call them back when it’s their turn by enabling “Offer Callback Option” button.

You have the option to inform your caller that you are a text-enabled shop and handle their concern via text by enabling the “Offer Handle by Text Option” button. This is useful for small requests, like appointment modifications or status checks. The caller will be asked to press TWO (2) to confirm.

You can also offer your caller to leave a voicemail if they do not want to stay in the queue or handle by text their concern by enabling the “Offer Voicemail Option” button. Callers can press THREE (3) and leave a voicemail rather than staying in the queue.

By toggling on "Press One", called parties are required to press the number ONE (1) to accept the call. Using Round Robin and Random ring pattern gives an agent five(5) seconds to press one before the call routes to another available agent. If you are on a Simuldial ring pattern the call will be routed to the next later after five seconds if no one answers from the first layer but if you only have one layer then the call will ring indefinitely until someone answer or if the customer will disconnect the call.

Enable “Wait Music” by recording your own voice or uploading a recorded file. Leave it blank to use our default wait music.

Configuring how frequently the system offers those prompts is what "Repeat Prompts" offer. We recommend using 30 seconds.

"Max Queue Hold Time" is the maximum amount of time a call can stay on wait in the queued state. After this period the call will be terminated and it will be considered as missed. Please check General Tab then Missed Calls Settings to decide on what happens to call before termination.

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