Ring groups are essentially teams or agents working together to answer your calls and text messages. It’s a great way to improve call routing and distribution of calls and SMS from Lines. Dial modes include queues, round-robin, and simul-dial which allow your employees to be more productive and help decrease customer hold time. Learn and explore how to maximize the functionality of Ring Groups.

Adding a New Ring Group

Step 1: Go to Ring Groups Tab (left-pane)

Step 2: Click on the “Add Ring Group” button

Step 3: Provide a Ring Group Name that is short and easily identifiable in your reports (ex. Main Line)

Step 4: Add a description (optional).

Step 5: Click on the Layer drop-down list to add users. You can add multiple users in each layer.

Step 6: Select a Routing setting to set-up sequential dialing. This means that when calls come in, we will run it through the sequence by this order.

Step 7: Select your desired option for Repeat Contact Call Routing and Text Message Handling(Beta).

Step 8: Click the “Add” button below to successfully create a Ring Group.

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