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This article provides information about the functionality of each operation under Lines, Ring Groups, Users, Contacts, Tags, Broadcast, and Automation.


Lines Operations

1. Activity shows you the things that are happening or being done inside a Line.

Line activity Operations:

  • Reply - Respond to the contact via text message.

  • Callback - Call back the contact.

  • More Details - Provides detailed information about the call

  • Archive - Deletes the activity.

2. Settings direct you to the Line settings.

  • Default Caller ID selects the phone number as your caller ID. This button will only appear if your line has two or more phone numbers.

  • Transfer allows you to move the phone number to another Line.

  • Do not use will let you deactivate a phone number for outbound calling and texting.

  • Unrent basically deletes the phone number.

  • This process is irreversible, and the phone number will be lost forever.

3. Pause/Activate allows you to temporarily stop or activate a Line.

4. Duplicate creates a copy of a Line. Duplicate only copies the settings of a Line, and it does not copy the phone number.

5. Delete allows you to completely remove the Line.

Ring Group Operations

Users Operations

1. Login As allows admin users to log in to the backend as if they were any other user in the system (without requiring the password of the user account logged into).

2. Activity shows you the things that are happening or being done inside a User.

3. Settings direct you to the User settings.

4. Diagnosis, please check the User Diagnosis article.

5. Pause/Activate allows pause/unpause routing calls to the user.

6. Suspended/Unsuspend users will lose/gain access to the system.

7. Delete allows you to completely remove the User.

Contacts Operations

Tags Operations

Broadcast Operations

Automation Operations

Status Filter

Status filters show the number of Lines/Users/Broadcast/Sequence currently on the specified status.

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