Tags help you categorize and segment your audience in a way like Lists, but with the added benefit of having the same person in multiple places. The entire audience of a Tag can be enrolled in a sequence, or used as a target for Bulk SMS. Your contact imports show up as a new tag with the date of upload.

Tags come in multiple types: Contact Tags, Communication Tags, and Import Tags. See below for more information. You can use tags to customize Aloware reports, dashboards, and tables everywhere.

Account Tags

These are tags that you create to categorize your contacts, prospects, and leads. You can create as many tags as you want for your account. Each Contact can be tagged multiple times and you can select contacts belonging to a tag for various bulk operations. You can also give colors to tags to make your agents more productive.

When you’re on the tags page, Aloware shows the number of contacts tagged with it. This number is cached, so for very large accounts, it might not be always up to date. Clicking the red number will recalculate the data.

Account Tag Operations

  • Clicking Communications will show you all calls and messages belonging to contacts with this tag.

  • Clicking Contacts will filter the Aloware Contacts page with this tag, so you’d see who is on your list.

  • Enroll Contacts can put these Contacts in a certain Automation sequence.

System Tags

System tags help you categorize the status of every call and SMS while it is happening. In a sense, System tags act as disposition statuses for calls. They can be attached to calls by agents when a call is in progress (through the dialer’s + Tag button) or when a call has ended, on the dashboard. These tags can later be used in reports and filtering call lists.

Aloware automatically creates some default tags for all accounts. Some of these tags are “built-in tags”, meaning they can’t be modified. Aloware automatically assigns these tags to calls or messages when a certain operation happens, such as 3-way calls or voicemails.

Communication Tag Operations

  • Clicking Communications will show you all calls and messages having this tag.

  • Call and SMS tags can be assigned automatically by Aloware when something happens (for example when a call is below 60 seconds, or above 2 minutes). For that, please see our article on Automation Rules.

Creating New Tags

You’ll probably need some customized tags to really run your business. New tags (both for Account and System) can be created using + Add Tag on this page. If you have a large list of tags, Aloware support can help you with the import.

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