Managing Call Queues for Ring Groups in Aloware Admin

In Ring Groups, users can configure queue settings according to their needs. This article is about Ring Group Call Queues.

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Ring Groups are a set of Users that receive and answer your calls in a predefined order. Each ring group has its own independent queue for calls. You can set up your ring groups in the Ring Groups menu > Select Ring Group > Settings.

Read this guide to learn more about Ring Groups.

Configuring Queue Settings

Users can configure queue settings in Ring Groups > Select the Ring Group > Queue tab.

  • Enable Smart Call Queues

    Aloware Smart Call Queues place incoming calls in a line, waiting for a user to pick up the call. If a user receives more calls than he can answer, calls are placed in a waiting queue until an agent becomes available, and the call will dispatch.

    Smart Queue supports callbacks, position playback, the option to do a text, and a lot more.

  • Enable Fishing Mode

    Fishing mode disables auto dispatching of calls. It is the call-waiting feature for Ring Groups. Agents can answer the calls from Wallboard or from the call notifications. Read more about Fishing Mode.

  • Say Caller's Position in Queue

    Enabling this will notify the caller of their position in the queue

  • Offer Callback Option

    Offer the caller a choice to keep their position in the queue by hanging up and receiving a call back when it's their turn. The caller will be asked to press ONE (1) to confirm.

  • Offer Handle By Text Option

    Ask the caller to hang up and handle their issue via text instead. Useful for small requests, like appointment modifications or status checks. The caller will be asked to press TWO (2) to confirm.

  • Offer Voicemail Option

    Callers can press three and leave a voicemail rather than staying in the queue.

  • Press One

    Require users to press ONE (1) to accept the call

  • Wait Music

    Aloware has default wait music, but users can customize the wait music for the specific ring group.

  • Repeat Prompts

    User can configure how frequently the system offer prompts. It is recommended to use 30 seconds.

  • Max Queue Hold Time

    Set the maximum time of a call to stay on wait in the queued state. After the time has reached the period, the call terminates and is considered missing.

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