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Handling Missed Calls, Call Forwarding, and Voicemails in Admin
Handling Missed Calls, Call Forwarding, and Voicemails in Admin

You can configure your Aloware Line to handle missed and abandoned calls. This article is about Handling Missed Calls in Routing and IVRs.

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When a call is not answered, it will be marked as Missed or Abandoned. You can configure your Line to handle missed calls and abandoned calls effectively and ensure no customer call is lost.

The settings are located in the Lines > Routing & IVR tab.

Definition of Missed and Abandoned Calls

  • Missed Calls (Inbound)

    An inbound call is considered missed if:

    • It enters a ring group (including queue or direct transfers), and the caller hangs up the phone or reaches the max wait time of the queue

    • It reaches a personal line, and the caller hangs up

    • It is made outside business hours

    • It enters a voicemail recording, at which point it registers as a missed call and a voicemail.

  • Abandoned Calls (Inbound)

    An incoming call is considered abandoned if:

    • If the call hangs up on welcome audio before it enters (starts ringing) a ring group (including queues and direct transfers)

    • If the call is hung up on an IVR before the caller 1) enters any digit or 2) is transferred to a ring group.

    • If fishing mode is turned on and the caller hangs up while in a ring group prior to the point of answer

📝 Note - A dead-end call is ignored. This is used when the admin decides everyone should ignore calls routed here.

  • Abandoned Call (Outbound)

    An outbound call is considered abandoned if:

    • An Aloware sequence uses the Progressive Dialer step to automatically call a contact, but the contact doesn't answer.

How to Handle Missed Calls

Admin can manage the missed calls of users in Lines > Routing and IVRs with the following options:

  • Take a voicemail

    This voicemail is used when:

    • The IVR sends the call to Voicemail

    • The call is sent to a ring group, no queue is configured, and no one is available (fast forward)

    • The call is stuck in a ring group’s queue, and no one has taken the call (smart queue)

    To create a voicemail message.

    • Go to Lines menu > Routing and IVR tab

    • Navigate to Missed Calls

    • Select how you want to create a voicemail:

      • Text to Speech - create a message in the field, and Aloware will read it once a call meets the criteria of a missed call

      • Play recording - you may upload a short audio file in MP3 or WAV format

      • Click Save

  • Require contact to press 1 to leave a voicemail

    • This requires contacts to Press 1 during the call to leave a voicemail.

    • When contacts leave a voicemail, it is recorded in the communication activities of the contact.

    • Admin also receives an email notification with a Voicemail transcript:

  • Route to other line

    • This will send your call to another Aloware line to be answered.

  • Forward externally (to a phone number)

    • Will send the call to a phone number outside the Aloware ecosystem, like a messaging service. However, Aloware does not allow external forwarding to numbers that do not match your account's country.

  • Do nothing and hang up

    • This will just hang up the call without any further action.

How to Text Callers on Abandoned or Missed calls

You can send a follow-up text message if the call is abandoned or missed.

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