Configuring IVR System for Inbound Calls in Aloware Admin

IVR systems use prerecorded audio files to provide information to callers. This article is about Configuring your IVR System.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated business phone system feature that prompts customers to a series of options that routes them to the right agent who can handle their needs.

Aloware IVR system is responses that can be pre-recorded audio files, apply the text-to-speech function that can assist callers to get the information they need or to connect them to an agent.

Mapping Out IVR System in Lines Menu

Prerequisite: Before you begin your IVR System in the Lines menu, Admin should assign users for IVR extension.

  • Navigate to Users menu > Select user > Inbound Call Settings > Extension

To start mapping out your IVR System,

  • Go to Lines menu > Routing and IVR tab

  • Enable the "An IVR" option in Who should answer this call? section

  • Users may use the text-to-speech option by adding an IVR script, and the caller may hear this as a pre-recorded greeting or as instructions.

    • Or you may opt to upload an audio file (MP3 or WAV) for your pre-recordings

  • Select the ring groups for text messages to receive to

  • In the IVR menu options section, you may enable the Listen for Extensions button to allow the caller to connect to the user. This allows the caller to hear the pre-recorded instructions and navigate them to the right department.

  • Each IVR has a single voice prompt played to the users. Click the +Add Step button to add more options to the caller:

    • Assign a number in the "When the caller presses" field then you can select from the following task to take your IVR's next action:

      • Enroll to sequence - Enroll the contact to an active Aloware sequence (marketing automation and workflows). The call will be hung up after thanking the caller.

      • Hangup call - A message will be played, and the call is hung up.

      • Play extension directory - A directory of all extensions is played.

      • Replay IVR prompt - plays the prompt again.

      • Route to other Line - Sends the call to another Aloware line, changing the original line on reports.

      • Route to Ring Group - Sends the call to a ring group to be answered. Queues are configured at the Ring Group level. (See this article)

      • Route to user: Directly send the call to a user. If the user is not available, their Voicemail will pick up.

      • Send to Voicemail: Send the call to a generic voicemail prompt.

      • Set to DNC and hang up: Put contact in your DNC list and hang up the call. Useful for SMS campaigns.

How to Close the IVR Tree

Admins can also map out IVR exit if the caller fails to choose in IVR prompts.

Under the IVR Exit section, select from the following tasks to end the IVR tree:

  • Hangup call

  • Replay IVR prompt

  • Route to other line

  • Route to ring group

  • Route to user

  • Send to voicemail

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