When a customer calls your Line, the first step is to greet them. Right after that, if you have chosen to record calls, the call recording notice is played. You can manage the greeting and call recording notice under the Intake & Greet tab in Line Settings.

If you don’t want to greet your callers, you can turn off the option by toggling the switch next to it.

To record all calls on this line make sure the switch next to call recording is on.

Uploading Audio

By default, Aloware provides you with a text input that you can type in for the greeting message & call recording notice. Aloware will then read this to your callers in a semi-robotic voice. This is called text-to-speech. You can click Play Recording and upload your own recorded audio to change that. The audio file must be in MP3 format.

Note: Text-to-speech automatically plays immediately as soon as the call gets connected. Make sure that the forwarding number doesn't have any prompts as the text-to-speech feature will play while the prompt is also playing as it will cause the agent to miss the text-to-speech prompt.

Legal notes for call recording

According to Federal rules and State regulations, in the United States, you must inform your caller that the call is being recorded. Aloware does not allow call recording without notice.

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