To add a new line, click + Add Line from the top right corner.
The new Line screen will pop up.

Give your new Line a name. This label will be used in all graphs & reports. Then, choose how you want to route calls your receive on this line.

  • Connect to Ring Group: Send the call immediately to the ring group without queueing. Useful for Call Tracking or when you are transferring calls to another phone line.

  • Connect to User: Send the call immediately to a specific user.

  • Dead End: Do not route the call, hang up after playing the message.

Now it’s time to pick your new phone number!

Use the area code selector to fine-tune your search. We support all area codes in the United States. Also, note that Toll-Free numbers carry an extra charge for calls you receive.

If this is a new sign-up and you need international phone numbers, please contact us.

Now that we’ve picked our new phone number, it’s time to set up the basics for when customers call in.

  • The greeting is played to every caller. Use this field to welcome the callers to your organization. You can upload pre-recorded files later.

  • Whisper is played to the agent who picks up the call. For example, if you are transferring calls to your landline, this prompt is played when you pick up the phone and before the customer is connected.

  • Recording notice is a complimentary (and usually mandatory) announcement to the caller that this call will be recorded.

The next step will instantly activate the number. Congrats! Now go ahead and call this number or text it.

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