Aloware's Contact page is the main place to interact with a single contact. We designed this part of our app to resemble a CRM, so for those people coming from HubSpot or Pipedrive, this looks extremely familiar.

The Contact page has three main sections:

  • Basic contact controls

  • Managing customer data in Aloware

  • Reviewing engagement

In this article, we will be talking about the main controls and buttons you have on the Contact page.

Contact Controls and Information

Contact Controls and Information panel shows multiple options to engage with this contact.

The Next and Prev Buttons

When you click on a Contact from the Contacts page, Aloware still maintains all the filters you set for your view. Clicking Next and Prev will navigate that list without the need of going back and forth.


Clicking on the Call icon immediately launches the dialer and calls the contact. By default, it will dial the primary number. If you want to call the secondary numbers, scroll down to the left pane and click the call button beside the number you want to call.

Learn more about Aloware Dialer.


This feature allows you to send an SMS/MMS to the contact, by focusing your cursor on the text area (bottom of the page). We recently added the feature + Add Variable which shows a list of variables that you can include in your text. This option is discussed in more detail in our Bulk Messaging and SMS Blasts and Aloware Messenger.

Choosing a "From" line for your texts

If you have multiple lines, you can choose which one you want to use to send the text message. In the lower right screen, there’s a dropdown that lets you choose the line you want to use.

By default, the system will send the message to the primary phone number. If the contact has multiple phone numbers and you want to send a text to their secondary number, simply click the "Message" icon beside the phone number or select the phone number from the drop-down list.

Note: Text messaging only works if the contact is using a mobile phone. Most landline numbers do not accept text messages.

To find out whether the message was sent, you can check the message screen.

An indicator (!) will show if the text message failed to send.

A checkmark (✓) will show if the message was sent successfully.


Blocking a contact will prevent them from calling or sending a text to you. After clicking the "Block" icon, it will change to an "Unblock" icon where you can unblock the contact if needed. This is a great way to prevent spam calls.

When a blocked caller calls you, they will hear a message "Sorry, but we cannot connect you at this time".

DNC (Do Not Call)

DNC prevents the contact from being enrolled in Automation sequence, Broadcasts, and Power Dialer, however, you can directly call or text the contact manually. Note that when an agent marks the contact as DNC, this cannot be undone.

Furthermore, note that Aloware's DNC ability is internal only. This feature does NOT scrub your contacts against the national DNC list. If you need a DNC scrubbing service, please contact your account rep.

*Note - Only Admins can 'un-DNC' a contact (button won't show for agents)

Appt (Appointment)

Clicking this button will set up an appointment with your contact. The user will be asked to put the date, time, and a note. This will show in the right pane as an engagement activity in the contact. A notification will be sent to the agent periodically over email.

Note: Aloware will not send an invite to the contact. That functionality is reserved for the CRM.

If you have integrations enabled, appointments will be reported to CRMs as Meetings, the CRM can then send a calendar invite to your contact.


This is used to add a piece of information to the contact engagement. For example, if an agent is having a side conversation with the contact on another channel, they can take a note for their colleagues to see here.


You can use this functionality to set a reminder for yourself if you have any scheduled activity for the contact.

You will be notified based on your Notification Settings as a User. Reminders can be tagged as Completed, Pending, or Canceled. Reminder won’t notify the contact, they notify the agent only.

Power Dialer

If your account has the Aloware Power Dialer enabled, this button will push the contact to the bottom of your power dialing queue. Learn more about Aloware Power Dialer.

Enroll to Sequence

If you have Aloware automation enabled on your account, clicking this button will let you enroll this contact into a sequence. You can read more about Automations here.

Now that you're familiar with Contact Controls, you can see the other two parts of this article to learn more about Engagement Activity and Data Management.

  • Managing customer data in Aloware (part 2)

  • Reviewing engagement (part 3)

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