Engaging with Contacts

Your business needs to be able to communicate effectively with your contacts. This article is about Engaging with Contacts.

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Engaging with Contacts

An effective communication with your contacts is crucial to your business to be successful. Luckily, Aloware has a Contact profile page where you can interact with each contact in a way that resembles a CRM page. Whether you want to make a call, send a text, or schedule an appointment, the Contact Profile page has all the tools you need to stay in touch with your contacts.

In this article, we'll go through the main buttons and controls on the Contact Profile page so you can communicate more efficiently and build better relationships with your contacts.

Contact Controls and Information

Contact Controls and Information panel displays about your contact and provides you with a variety of options for engaging with them, including:

  • Contact's Name

  • Phone Number

  • The current time in their location

  • Phone identifier


When you click the call icon, Aloware immediately launches the dialer and places a call to the contact. If the contact has multiple numbers, the primary will be dialed by default.


Blocking a contact will prevent them from calling or sending a text to you. After clicking the "Block" icon, it will change to an "Unblock" icon where you can unblock the contact if needed. This is a great way to prevent spam calls.

When a blocked caller calls you, they will hear the message "Sorry, but we cannot connect you at this time".

DNC (Do Not Call)

When you mark a contact as DNC, it will restrict them from being enrolled in the sequences, broadcast, and power dialer. However, you can still contact them manually by calling or texting them directly. It is important to note that once an agent marks a contact as DNC, it cannot be reversed.


By clicking this button, you can schedule an appointment with your contact. The system will prompt you to input the date, time, and a note. Once set, it will appear on the right pane as an engagement activity for that particular contact.

It is important to note that Aloware won't send an invitation to the contact. However, if you have integrations enabled, the appointments will be reported to your CRMs as meetings, and the CRM can then send a calendar invite to your contact.

Power Dialer

Enabling the Power Dialer feature in your account will allow you to use this button to prioritize the contact at the end of your power dialing queue.


If you have Aloware automation enabled on your account, clicking this button will let you enroll this contact into a sequence. You can read more about Sequences.

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