Add contacts manually

This is the simplest way of adding a contact to your Aloware Account. Go to the contacts tab and click on the Add contact button.

A slide-up page where you need to fill in details of your contact will pop-up on your screen. The only required field here is the Phone Number. Other fields are optional such as Name, Last Name, Email Address, Initial Line, Assign Owner, and Add Tag. Do not forget to hit the save button to add contact successfully.

Let’s define each field shown above:

  • First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email Address – This is pretty obvious.

  • Initial line – If you receive a first-time call or text from a contact you can put a line in which you engaged as the initial line for the contact.

  • Owner – You can assign the owner of the contact to your team member or to yourself.

  • Tag – You can add a tag to contact if you would like to categorize your contacts.

Import contacts by file

This is the simplest way of adding multiple contacts you have in a CSV file (or from another system) to your Aloware account. Go to the Contacts page and click Import Contacts.

A slide-up menu will appear where you can download a template. You can manipulate the data in excel.

  • First Name / Last Name: contact’s name (optional). It can be left blank (but the column must be present). You can later use this information to personalize your messages.

  • Phone Numbers (required): This field must be present and uniquely identifies the contact within Aloware. Numbers should be in the same format before importing your data. If you have international contacts, please include the country code, like “+1 818-740-5020”. This is the only mandatory field.

  • Company Name (optional)

  • Email Address (optional): Populates a field on Aloware that connects the lead to widely used CRMs, such as Pipedrive and Hubspot.

  • Date Of Birth (optional): to run birthday campaigns. Leave blank if unavailable.

  • Notes (optional): this populates the notes section of Aloware Contacts.

  • City (optional)

  • State (optional)

  • Country (optional)

  • Zip Code (optional)

  • CSF1 (optional)

  • CSF2 (optional)

  • Disposition Status (optional)

More information about importing contacts here.

Auto-create contacts from recent engagements

If you receive a call/text or make a call to a new person, it will automatically create a new contact record for you.

To modify, click “No Name” then click the pencil icon to change the name and it will auto-save.

CRM Integration

Sync your contacts from your CRM to Aloware. Go to Integrations Tab then enable the CRM you wish to pull contacts from. See more information about integration.

ADDED: While you can read more about each integration later, note that when you enable an integration all leads in Aloware and your CRM will be synced. This is called 2-way sync with CRM.

We support custom integrations for your in-house business apps. Simply let us know what you need by sending an email to

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