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About the Contacts Menu

The Contacts menu helps your team manage all your contact records where users can have access to the information and associate them with other Aloware properties such as companies, email addresses, tags, etc.

There are different ways to add contacts in Aloware:

  • users can add contacts manually

  • users can add multiple contacts from a file

  • auto-create contacts from recent engagements

  • users can add contacts through integrations

Adding Contacts Manually

This is the simplest way of adding a contact to your Aloware Account.

  • Go to the Contacts menu

  • Click the +Add Contact button on the upper right

  • Fill up the contact's information and click the Save button

    • First Name, Last Name - optional fields

    • Phone Number - required contact field, which should have a valid phone number.

    • Email Address - Optional contact field for sending marketing emails and notifications

    • Initial Line - the line that will be used to connect to the contact

    • Owner - by default, the user who adds the contact to Aloware will be the owner. The owner will be responsible for the contact's records and all its associated properties.

    • Tag - optional field. Users can assign multiple tags to contact to easily group them.

Importing Contacts from a File

If you have multiple contacts to add to Aloware, you can upload it from your CSV file to your Aloware account. Read Importing Multiple Contacts to Aloware article.

Auto-create Contacts from Recent Engagements

By default, if a user receives a call/ text or makes a call to a new contact, Aloware will automatically create a new contact record.

Modify Contact Information

  • To modify, click “No Name” from the contacts dashboard

  • Click the pencil icon to change the name

  • Click Save

Adding Contact through CRM Integration

You can also add contacts to Aloware from your CRM through integration. Read our collections of CRM integrations in this article.

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