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How to Sync and Update HubSpot Contacts and Lists:

If you want to work within Aloware with your HubSpot contacts you want to sync them first. There are four (4) sync functions available:

  • Two-way Sync Contacts

    • Click the Push button to update your contacts from Aloware to your HubSpot account

    • Click the Pull button to update your contacts from HubSpot to your Aloware account

  • One-way Sync Users

    • Click Connect your HubSpot users to the Aloware button

    • Current users in Aloware are only synced, and no new users will be created

  • One-way Sync Contact Status

    • Click Pull Lead Statuses from HubSpot button to sync contacts to disposition status

  • One-way Sync Call Disposition

    • Click the "Pull Call Outcomes from HubSpot" button to sync HubSpot call outcome to Aloware as Call Dispositions

📝Note: The pull process runs on a queue. Aloware sends you a confirmation email when the process is done. You need to do this only once, and Aloware will keep things in sync from that moment onwards.

Screenshot of Pull Email Notification:

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