Syncing Contacts

If you want to work within Aloware with your HubSpot contacts you want to sync them first. There are two sync functions available.

Use PULL to copy all HubSpot contact data into Aloware. This will copy HubSpot's contacts, and lead owners (along with some other lead information) into Aloware, and keep the data in sync from this moment onwards.

Use PUSH to see your Aloware contacts in HubSpot - Aloware will copy all its own contacts into HubSpot and will update the existing ones. This is useful if you have been already using Aloware and are new to HubSpot.

Note: The pull process is time-consuming and runs on a queue. We send you a confirmation email when the process is done. You need to do this only once, and Aloware will keep things in sync from that moment onwards.

Pull Contact Email

Pull Call Dispositions from HubSpot

Manually pull call outcomes from HubSpot:

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