Text Message is revolutionizing marketing. Businesses are ditching emails – no one reads them anymore. Instead, marketers are pushing their message to a platform customers love and a platform that is always on: The cell phone. Aloware’s Bulk Messaging feature makes one-to-many SMS blasts simple, compliant, and easy to use. Whether you want to offer new promos, updates, or urgent notifications, our powerful SMS software has you covered.

Are SMS Blasts OK to do?

As long as you have the express consent of your leads to contact them by a short message, yes. Most of our users use a comprehensive ToC document on their forms when they capture lead data. Others take consent via other means, such as inbound registration. Just like you, we at Aloware don’t like spam, and we take every step possible to prevent this. As a precautionary measure, we only enable Bulk Texting on select accounts.

Please note that Aloware takes no responsibility for the content of the message or any legal issues that may arise. You are responsible for any dispute arising from the use of our bulk SMS feature.

How do I send an SMS blast?

Head over to the bulk SMS tool on the left menu. If the feature is not enabled, please contact us.

How do I personalize the message?

We support a few “shortcodes” (mail merge tags) you can use to personalize messages. These values, encapsulated in brackets (like [FirstName]), are dynamically populated with your contact’s database when a message is sent. Use them to personalize texts, provide trackable callback numbers with [TrackingNumber] or identify the leads in URLs you send out with [ContactId].

What is throttling?

When sending to large lists, it’s a good idea to send messages in batches rather than all at the same time. This ensures compliance, decreases spam risk, and provides ample time to respond back to customers.

What if my messages are getting marked as spam?

End carriers (such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) have sophisticated algorithms to prevent abuse and spam (and so do we). The details of these filters are never published. However, there are some best practices you can employ to increase your deliverability:

  • Use multiple numbers on a rotational basis when sending messages. When you have multiple numbers in your Aloware account, we automatically switch between them when sending a bulk SM campaign.

  • Avoid using unbranded URL shorteners. If you would like to use a URL shortener, we recommend using a service that provides an option to brand the URLs to your domain, such as Bitly's option to Brand URLs.

  • Personalize your messages with the contact’s name and your name.

Do you support very large lists, big blasts, or continuous SMS marketing?

For volumes of more than 10,000 messages per day, we do help our clients with our proprietary Intelligent Messaging Service. Our messaging service automatically purchases and manages multiple numbers every week, checks and verifies phone number health, and throttles the volume to achieve the best delivery ratios. For details of our managed bulk messaging service please contact us.

What about stop requests?

As a general rule, we don’t like spam. If your customers reply with things like “STOP,” we will remove them from any future sequence or automation step.

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