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Managing Lines in Aloware Admin
Streamlining Your Communication with Line Triggers in Aloware
Streamlining Your Communication with Line Triggers in Aloware

You can enroll contacts in workflows based on specific actions using automation rules. This article is about Automation Rules and Tasks.

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Why You Should Use Line Triggers

Aloware introduces Line Triggers as part of its automation module, allowing you to define rules for your calls, messages, and contacts based on various criteria. These triggers enable you to automate and optimize your business workflows.

In this guide, we'll explore the practical use cases of Line Triggers and how they can benefit your organization.

Accessing Line Triggers in Aloware Admin

  • Navigate to the Lines menu and select the Line you want to use for triggers.

  • Go to the Triggers tab and select the desired trigger type:

    • Add Call Trigger

    • Add SMS Trigger

    • Add Call Disposition Trigger

    • Add Contact Trigger

Business Use Cases

  1. Tagging Short Duration Calls

    • Ensuring the quality of telemarketing efforts is crucial. Aloware's Line Triggers allow you to tag calls based on their talk time.

      For example, you can create a rule that tags "Outbound Calls" marked as "Completed" with a talk time "Lesser Than" 90 seconds. By applying a "Tag" like "review required," you can easily identify and review short-duration calls to improve your telemarketing strategies.

  2. Creating Text-to-Join Campaigns

    • Engaging customers through SMS campaigns is effective. Aloware's Line Triggers simplify the process of creating text-to-join programs.

      For instance, if you want customers to text a specific keyword to receive a promotion, you can create a rule that filters "Inbound SMS" using predefined "Keywords" like "free pizza" and enroll the contact into the appropriate campaign workflow. This automation simplifies the process and enhances customer engagement.

  3. Sending Follow-Up Surveys

    • Customer satisfaction is crucial for business success. Aloware's Line Triggers enable you to gather valuable feedback by sending follow-up surveys to callers.

      Create a rule that takes all "Inbound" calls marked as "Completed" and enroll them in a survey workflow. This workflow initiates an SMS survey shortly after the call, increasing the likelihood of receiving responses and gaining insights into customer experiences.

  4. Monitoring Missed Calls and Follow-Up

    • Tracking missed calls and taking appropriate action is essential for maintaining customer relationships. Aloware's Line Triggers make it easy to identify missed calls.

      By creating a rule that monitors "Inbound Calls" marked as "Missed", you can "Enroll to Sequence" for prompt follow-up. Additionally, you can duplicate this rule and modify the action to enroll in a workflow and send a text message asking for a callback. This proactive approach helps recover missed opportunities and ensures prompt follow-up.

  5. Monitoring Lead Inquiries and Creating HubSpot Tickets

    • For businesses using HubSpot as their CRM, Aloware's Line Triggers offer the ability to monitor lead inquiries and create HubSpot tickets automatically.

      By setting up a rule that filters "Inbound Calls" marked with "Completed", you can automatically create tickets in HubSpot. This streamlines the process of managing lead inquiries, ensuring prompt follow-up and efficient lead nurturing.

      Sample HubSpot Ticket Created

Embrace the Power of Line Triggers

Line Triggers in Aloware empower you to automate actions and optimize your communication processes. By utilizing these triggers, you can streamline your operations and enhance efficiency. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage Line Triggers and elevate your business communication to new heights.

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