Aloware SMS Messenger

The SMS Messenger will give the HubSpot users ability to communicate with their contacts through text messaging. Our extension will find and authenticate the current HubSpot user using the email address and will create a contact in Aloware if it’s not already there. If we can’t find the user on Aloware it will still create the contact but we will either show the login page or if the user is already logged in, it will use the current login to open the messenger on the contact page.

Have a chat with your contact from HubSpot via Aloware - SMS Messenger

This feature will open your contact on Aloware and have a chat from HubSpot. Also, this is Aloware messaging interface directly integrated into HubSpot where you have the power to send GIFs, send media files, send messages, and you have access to select the phone number of the contact and the line you want to send the message from.

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