Log all customer communication in one place with Aloware’s Hubspot integration to streamline your sales & support process.

The Aloware-Hubspot CRM integration lets you easily check all the communications you had with your customers and leads in one location. It will automatically log every call and SMS so you’ll be able to keep track of all your conversations. You can even check the content of the SMS or listen to the recording of the call.


  • Call and SMS logging

  • Listen to calls

  • Check SMS messages

All your communication records, in one place

With Aloware’s Hubspot CRM integration, whenever a customer calls or sends a message, or whenever your agents pick up a call or text back, all contact data is attached to the customer’s record on Hubspot. Hubspot timeline will show you when your customer tried to contact you or when you contacted them. It even keeps a recording of the call you had with them!

How does it work?

First, you have to enable the Hubspot integration in your Aloware dashboard. From there, go to the company page and you will see all the integrations available for you. On the Hubspot card, click settings.

From there, you will see the options if you want to integrate Aloware with your Hubspot instance and if you want to include outbound communications in Activity Logs as well. Enable those options, then click the Authenticate button. You will be redirected to the Hubspot permission page.

This page will request permission from your Hubspot CRM to be integrated with Aloware. Click “Grant Access” and you will now be able to enjoy the Aloware-Hubspot integration!

Once you have enabled this, you will start to see logs on all the conversations with your contact. When you check a specific contact page, you will find all the logs.

What type of data is sent over?

You will see the different statuses of a call or SMS, if it is “missed”, “abandoned”, “failed” or “completed”. The logs will also contain the name & phone number of the agent who contacted this contact and from which campaign they are communicating.

If you want to check the SMS content that the contact has sent or received, it is included in the log. If there was a call, you will be able to listen to the recording of the call.

Here is a more detailed look at how it looks like.

Improve your sales process when you have all the records you need in one place!

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