Aloware Echo is a very simple service that responds to your text messages and picks up your test calls.

The phone number for Aloware Echo is (276) 800-0021. You can use this contact to test out outbound calling and messaging.

Testing Calls

Use the Aloware dialer to make a test call to this number, (276) 800-0021. Aloware Echo will pick up your call, repeat your phone number to you, and play an inspirational quote. The call will be hung up. You can make as many parallel calls to this number as you want.

Since this phone number is being managed outside of Aloware, it would be a good point of reference for call quality.

Testing Texts

Use the Aloware messenger to send a test SMS to this number, (276) 800-0021. Aloware Echo will immediately return your message, along with an inspirational quote, as a new message. This is a good testing utility to train and learn about our notifications on inbound messages.

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