Aloware Guesty Integration

Guesty is a guest management system, and as a Guesty Partner, we offer seamless integration between Aloware's and Guesty’s clients. With this powerful connection, you can Guesty can now send SMS and make calls through Aloware.

Note: In order to have a conversation with a guest, the guest should make a reservation or a listing first.

Activating Guesty Integration

First, go to the “Integrations” tab in the foremost left of the Aloware Interface, then look for the “Guesty” logo, and then click the “Settings” button. From there, enable the integration status.

After enabling it, Aloware will require you the API key that is found in Guesty. For you to acquire the API key, click the “here” beside the API key box, and it will automatically open a new window where you can log-in to your Guesty account.

Enter your Guesty credentials then click “Log-in”. After that, you will see the API Key on the top-right of the interface with sensitive case keys, just click the copy button to copy your API key, then go back to the Aloware-Guesty integration page, paste your API Key in the box, and click the “Test & Save Button”.

Note: You will know if the activation is completed when you see the “ Test Passed below the API Key Box.

Guesty Settings

Push/Pull Contacts

These buttons let you push or pull contacts from Guesty to Aloware and vice versa. After the task is done, you'll receive an email that it is finished.


Choose Events to Send– Filters events that will be sent upstream to Guesty. Keep in mind that if you select a filter but no options for that filter are selected, no events will be sent.

  • Direction – Filter contacts by communication direction, either inbound, outbound, or both.

  • Type – Filter contacts by communication type, call, SMS, RVM, email, note, Sys note, appointment, and reminder. You can select all or just one.

  • Communication Disposition Status – Filter contacts by disposition status, Completed, Abandoned, Missed, Failed, and Placed.

  • Contacts – Filter by contact type, either you want All the contacts, Disposed Contacts, or just select a Disposition type; Attempted Contact, Bad Timing, Connected, Contact in Future, Contacted, etc.

  • Skip Lines – Here you can exclude the contact lines that you don’t want to import to Aloware. Just click the drop-down menu and select the line/s that you don't want to send Guesty integration.

  • Duration – This filter lets you select only the contacts based on the duration of talk time that is less than a certain period of minutes. (You can edit the minimum duration of the minutes to filter.)

  • Qualified Contacts – Here, this filter will only create contacts when a qualified communication from a contact passes all the filters.

Note: The filters above can only be selected once you choose the Choose Events to Send filter, and remember to click the "Test & Save" button in to lower right of the Guesty Settings interface after all the changes that you've made.
(If you want the default options, just click the "Reset" button beside the "Save" button)

Creating a Listing, Reservation, and Task at Guesty

In order to create a List, Reservation, or Task in Guesty, in the top right portion of the Guesty interface, click the "+" button, and a drop-down menu will appear. Select an option below to start.

Note: After a client creating a list or making a reservation, it will automatically be added into Aloware in where you can message or call them.

Guesty Calls and SMS

Through Aloware, calls and SMS are now possible in Guesty. Whenever a call or SMS is made to a guest through Aloware, it will be automatically logged in Guesty. Guesty allows you to view the details of the conversation-starting from the Call line, Destination, Message, Call Recording, and the Call Duration.

Also, Guesty shows the reservation details of a client right beside the conversation box; the Status, Channel, Number of Guest/s, Listing, Check-in/out, Night/s, and the Balance of the client.

Two-way contact syncing

Guesty and Aloware are interconnected and simultaneously linked together. Editing/Filling-up details on a certain contact/s that is integrated with Guesty will automatically be synced and updated in Guesty, and that feature is vice versa when you edit in Guesty, it will be synced immediately in Aloware.

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