Authenticate HubSpot Integration

Go to the “Integrations” tab, find the HubSpot logo, and then click the “Settings” button. From there, enable the integration status, click the “Authenticate” button. After clicking "Authenticate", you will be re-directed to HubSpot log-in portal, enter your credentials (you can log in through SSO, or Google Accounts), select your account, and you're done.

Note: If the HubSpot Integration is already authenticated but the features aren't showing or functioning yet, you might need to " Re-Authenticate" HubSpot again in the HubSpot integration settings. (The process after clicking the "Re-Authenticate" is the same as after clicking the "Authenticate" button)

HubSpot Settings

Push/Pull Contacts

This button lets you push or pull leads or contacts from HubSpot to Aloware. You can select from Contacts or Leads in the drop-down menu above the Push/Pull Contacts buttons.

Connect to HubSpot Users to Aloware

When you click this button, it will sync Aloware users with HubSpot users. After processing, you'll receive an email that your request is finished.

Pull Lead Status from HubSpot

With one click on this button, this will pull the updated lead status on all imported contacts from HubSpot.

Pull Call Outcomes from HubSpot

Clicking this button will pull the call dispositions from HubSpot, it takes a few minutes to finish the request, and once the request is finished, you'll receive an email.


  • Choose Events to Send - Filters events that will be sent upstream to HubSpot. Note that if you select a filter but no options for that filter are selected, no events will be sent.

  • Direction – Filter contacts by communication direction, either inbound, outbound, or both.

  • Type – Filter contacts by communication type, call, SMS, RVM, email, note, Sys note, appointment, and reminder. You can select all or just one.

  • Communication Disposition Status – Filter contacts by disposition status, Completed, Abandoned, Missed, Failed, and Placed.

  • Contacts – Filter by contact type, either you want All the contacts, Disposed Contacts, or just select a Disposition type; Attempted Contact, Bad Timing, Connected, Contact in Future, Contacted, etc.

  • Skip Lines – Here you can exclude the contact lines that you don’t want to import to Aloware. Just click the drop-down menu and select the line/s that you don't want to send HubSpot integration.

  • Duration – This filter lets you select only the contacts based on the duration of talk time that is less than a certain period of minutes. (You can edit the minimum duration of the minutes to filter.

  • Qualified Contacts – Here, this filter will only create contacts when a qualified communication from a contact passes all the filters.

Note: The filters above can only be selected once you choose the “ Choose Events to Send filter.

  • Don’t Create New Contacts– This filter only updates contacts that are already in Pipedrive.

  • Don’t Duplicate Contact Information– When you enable this filter, any changes to a contact in Aloware won’t reflect or update in HubSpot.

Note: "Don’t Update Contact Owners" feature also includes users, and agents as well.

  • Don’t Update Contact Owners– When you enable this filter, Aloware won’t update the contact owners that are listed in HubSpot.

Note: Remember to click the "Save" button in to lower right of the HubSpot Settings interface after all the changes that you've made. (If you want the default options, just click the "Reset" button beside the "Save" button.)

Importing HubSpot List

After authenticating HubSpot in the Integrations tab, you can now pull contacts from HubSpot.

Go to the “Tags” tab, and you’ll see the “Import HubSpot", click it and a window will pop-up, from there select your HubSpot contact list from the drop-down menu, and then click "Import". (If you're having a hard time looking for your imported integrations list, you can simply go to "Import Tags" in the Tags interface.

Note: By default, HubSpot tag names are the same as the name indicated in your HubSpot. (Tag Names are editable) Also, Imported contacts from HubSpot can now be used with the different Aloware functions; edit Contacts, Assign Contacts, Add to PowerDialer, etc.

Updating HubSpot Contacts

If you wish to update your HubSpot contact list, there are two ways. First is, go to the "Tags" tab, find your HubSpot list (to make it quick, go to "Import Tags"), and click the number of contacts of that list (highlighted in color red) and it will automatically be updated.

Second, you can import your HubSpot list again, and it will automatically be updated.

Note: Tag will always be unique even if you import it again and again.

Power Dialer (HubSpot Integration)

In Power Dialer, you can directly pull contacts from your HubSpot list and add them to your tasks. From the "Dashboard" tab, go to the "Power Dialer" tab. Click the "Add Tasks" Button, then go to the "Integrations" tab, you’ll see your HubSpot contact list, and then select a list, then finally you can click the “Add Contacts” button.

Note: Options and settings are also available; Push contacts to Bottom/Top, Add Multiple Numbers, Prevent Duplicate Task Creation, Add Your Own Contacts, and Schedule a Task.


You can also pull your HubSpot contact list in Aloware's "Broadcast" Feature. The Broadcast feature allows you to send Bulk Messages and Bulk RVMs (Ringless Voicemail) to your contacts for promotional and marketing purposes.

To find your HubSpot contact list, go to the "Broadcast" tab in the left of the interface, click “New Bulk Message” or “New Bulk RVM”, select a line, then in the “Select Group of Contacts” select the “By Tag” tab, click the drop-down menu, and scroll down until you find your HubSpot list or simply just type the Tag name of your HubSpot contact list, then after you edit and modify the options, you can now click "Send Bulk Message".

Call Deals in HubSpot Directly

You can directly call Deals to HubSpot and it will automatically call through Aloware. In the Deals tab, just click the call icon beside the deal name.

Aloware window will open once you click the call icon. Using the deal ID, Aloware will find the contact ID and automatically call that contact. After your call, you can customize the disposition screen based on the deal.

Note: If you have “Aloware Talk” instead of opening another window for Aloware, Aloware Talk window can process the call.

As a HubSpot premier partner, we offer seamless integration between Aloware's sales dialer and HubSpot. With this powerful integration, you can dial within HubSpot, automatically log calls and text messages, trigger automated workflows, and many more on this link.

HubSpot Message Sent/Received Event on Workflows

Using our SMS events in HubSpot, users can build follow-up flows, response-based flows, assign tasks to their agents based on unanswered texts, build SMS bots, etc.

Custom Timeline Events

Message Sent & Message Received

Here’s a sample of a workflow with a configuration of Yes/No. If yes has been chosen, Aloware will send a message.

Also, there's a “View conversation in Aloware” link below new text messages which will open the SMS messenger in HubSpot for your convenience.

Making calls with HubSpot

Internal Dialer

No need to go back and forth with the Aloware application. Calling lead without leaving HubSpot and able to review activity and notes while on the set of the call. This feature is only available if you have HubSpot sales professional.

HubSpot + Aloware CTI

Click to call function lets you call the lead within HubSpot and open the call in Aloware Dialer that works in your browser. By this, you don't have to go to Aloware to dial the number from HubSpot.

Sending SMS / MMS with HubSpot

Send messages right away without leaving Hubspot CRM which can drive better customer engagement. See recent text conversation and you can even use a text template from Aloware. Have full access to your Aloware SMS/MMS within Hubspot

Call and SMS logs on HubSpot

Lack of information, or access information, is the main cause of bad service and lost sales opportunities. Having a single place to store data for Calls and SMS will make things easy and efficient for salespeople.

Instant two-way sync

Two-way sync instantly keeps all records and activities up-to-date. Every call, text, or activity you do within Aloware automatically logs into HubSpot. Furthermore, when changes happen to contacts on HubSpot (such as ownership or lead status changes), the data instantly shows in Aloware. This way, you can choose to work within Aloware or within HubSpot and ensure data consistency.

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