Aloware Messenger Features and Settings

The use of text messages for communication and business is commonplace. This article is About Aloware Messenger.

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Aloware SMS Messenger

Aloware SMS messenger is a comprehensive communication tool that offers a range of features to help you stay in touch with your customers. From MMS messaging to fax support, email, and CRM connectivity. Aloware provides everything you need to communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers.

  • MMS Support

    Aloware supports sending and receiving picture messaging on all local lines. Note that toll-free numbers cannot send or receive MMS.

  • Fax Support

    Aloware supports sending a fax on almost all lines, and you can order fax lines to receive a fax.

    To send a fax, you need a fax-enabled number. Reach out to our support team for assistance.

    To send a fax, go to "Contacts," select the contact you would send a fax to, then click the "Fax" link in the message box. Attach the file you want to send in pdf format. Click the Send Fax button. **Aloware only allows up to 8MB of files.

  • Template Support

    Aloware allows you to insert pre-written templates to save time sending a generic message to contacts.

    To use templates, click the "templates" icon, then select the template you want to use from the list and customize the message as needed.

  • Email Support

    Aloware supports sending emails.

    To send an email, the recipient contact must have an email address. Go to "contacts", select the person you want to email, then click Email, compose your message, then click "Send Email".

  • CRM Connectivity

    Aloware logs every customer interaction into your CRM. Authenticate your CRM with Aloware to access this feature.

  • Dynamic Variables

    You can personalize your messages for your prospects using your dynamic variables or ShortCodes. For example, when sending SMS broadcasts, SMS Sequences, or even in-call prompts (with Text to Speech), you can use tags like [FirstName] to pull the contact’s information and personalize your message.

  • Compliance

    Aloware is compliant with regulations and takes measures to ensure that customers are not contacted if they have opted out.

    • When a prospect replies, “STOP,” they will be taken out of ANY automation sequences.

    • Contacts replying with “STOP” or similar will be added to a company DNC list.

    • It is important to be careful when including shortened links in your messages.

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