Aloware's Calendar is accessible right from your dashboard. Access schedules for everyone in your team set meetings and appointments, and receive notifications for follow-ups, appointments, and other important messages.

Navigating the Calendar

You can select the date you'd like to see by clicking on the calendar icon. You can select by month or year using the arrows on the side.

Get back to the present date by clicking on the "Today" button, or head to the previous or next month by clicking on the arrows.

Select the view you prefer, or apply filters to see the applicable events.

Managing Events

Adding an event in Aloware's calendar is intuitive and simple. Everything updates in real-time across all devices and users.

Add an Event

  1. Select the date

  2. Select the Event Type from the drop-down

  3. Fill up the Date, Time, Duration, and Timezone.

  4. Add notes for the event if needed.

  5. Select a contact (required) for this event.

  6. Click on Save Event.

Delete an Event

  1. Select the Event you want to delete.

  2. Click on the Remove button below.

  3. A dialog box will ask you to confirm your action.

  4. If you're sure, select the blue Yes, Remove button.

  5. The Event will be deleted from your calendar.

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