For any seasoned marketer, Workflows mostly resemble Email Drip campaigns. Aloware workflows consist of sequences, independent jobs that run after a certain period of time (either relative to each other, or relative to the beginning of the campaign)

How can a marketer use Aloware’s SMS Drip feature?

Let’s imagine someone who just submitted a form on your website or a customer that provided their info on your Facebook Ad campaign. Your goal here is to get your sales team on the phone with the prospect in a minute or less, while they are still thinking of your business, product, or service.

To achieve that, our Workflows send a welcome SMS with your company’s name and phone number to the lead, thanking them for their inquiry. Right then, Aloware dials your sales reps, gets them on the phone, and automatically calls the lead. The whole process is automated and does not require any manual work.

How to create a workflow

Start by going to the Workflows tab on the left menu. Then click on “Create New Workflow”.

What are the best practices to run a great workflow?

  • Give your workflow a good name to track the results with our reporting.

  • Workflows can send every day, or be limited to business days [Mon-Fri, excluding holidays].

  • Workflows observe the lead’s timezone and can take “open” and “close” hours. Messages will be sent the next day if the business is closed.

  • Workflows can stop themselves if a lead takes a certain action, usually responding to a message, or making a call [Disenroll on response checkbox].

  • All of our workflows automatically process “Do Not Call” requests, “STOP” requests and comply with DNC regulations.

Creating automated SMS, Calls, and Sequences

As mentioned above, workflows consist of automated tasks that run in a timely fashion. Aloware calls these sequences. When your workflow is created, click on “build sequences” to arrive at the following screen.

Each sequence (automated task) can be an SMS, automated Call, or a picture message. We also support Ringless Voicemail (RVM) on verified accounts. Each item is explored below in great detail.

A real workflow example from Aloware’s Get Demo form

Setting up automated SMS to leads

Click “Add a new sequence” to open the wizard. Then choose SMS (or MMS) as your sequence type.

Setting up automated Call to leads (and to agents)

The “Call” Types can configure an automated call to go to leads and agents respectively.

Digit detection: You can use 1 to connect, 2 to be called at a later time, and 9 to be removed from this list.

What kind of messages and calls can I send?

Each sequence (automated task) can be an SMS, automated Call, or a picture message. We also support Ringless Voicemail (RVM) on verified accounts.

  • Always send an SMS first. You can use short tags like [FirstName] to personalize the message and give it a friendly vibe.

  • Automatic calls ring the lead first by default and play your pre-recorded message. The lead is then asked to confirm to be connected.

  • The delay is programmed to create a “drip” style campaign and build a time sequence. We support seconds, minutes, hours, and days as the time delay.

  • You can have the sequence go out during a certain time window (for example, near noon or after working hours). The time of day is relative to the lead’s timezone.

How can I put my leads through an automated flow?

Aloware workflows can operate on list data (for cold or seasoned leads) or external triggers, such as API, form submission, Facebook Ad campaigns or even inbound emails.

  • Our mass upload tool can be used to import CSV lists with names, phone numbers, and email addresses in a simple-to-use Excel format.

  • Aloware’s Lead Intake API is an all-purpose backend utility to programmatically import lead data into Aloware.

  • The one-line Form Capture javascript captures your forms and sends them to Aloware automatically, without any coding skills.

  • The email intake route processes structured email (such as lead seller notifications, Facebook lead gen data and creates an Aloware contact.

  • Our HubSpot, Zoho & Pipedrive Integrations support bi-directional contact syncs, you can import from Hubspot / Zoho / Pipedrive to Aloware.

  • Lastly, the contact page has an “Enroll to Workflow” button that can enroll contacts one by one.

If you have any questions, please contact our support.

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