Aloware Dashboard is a central place to view your agent’s activity, historical call records, and a list of all your calls, messages, and voicemails.
You can track the progress of a call or historical calling and messaging records right on the dashboard. Aloware dashboard is live and does not require refreshes.

New calls and messages always go to the top of the list.

The top section of the dashboard shows the most important metrics of your Contact Center, such as the number of live calls, calls currently in the queue, and the current status of your agents.

Activity Graph

Our intuitive activity graph displays your call and SMS traffic for the past month (or selected date period). By default, Aloware groups its metrics by your Lines (aka campaigns) so you can see which department or team is interacting more with your customers.

You can change the date range of this graph by using the date selector on the top of the page.

Call & SMS Logs

The lower section of the dashboard shows calls and messages individually with as many details as possible.

Changing the Date Range

On top of every page that shows call data, there is a Date Range selector that allows you to pick a period of time to view your reports and analytics.

Filtering Call Data

Our ultra-powerful filtering feature allows you to narrow down your reporting based on a multitude of data points.

Currently, you can filter based on:

  • Direction: Inbound, Outbound, All

  • Answer Status: Call Disposition (Live, In Progress, Completed, Missed)

  • Talk Time

  • Type: Call, SMS, All

Seeing Even More Data

By default, we only show the most important call data for each call or message on the Call Log table. If you need more data points, click “Table Settings” and check the relevant items. Aloware keeps capturing all the data points at all times.

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