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Aloware Dashboard is a central place to view your account's current live calls and past communications (calls, messages, voicemails, email, fax).

Aloware dashboard is live and does not require refreshes.

Communication Metrics

The top section of the dashboard shows the most important metrics of your Contact Center:

  • Summary of Total Calls and SMS

  • Total Inbound calls

  • Total Outbound calls

  • Total Contacts Engaged

Read the Communication Metrics article to learn more.

Activity Graph

Aloware real-time activity graph displays call and SMS traffic for the past month (or selected date period). By default, Aloware groups its metrics by Lines (or campaigns) so the Admin can see which team is interacting more with contacts.

You can change the date range of this graph by using the date selector at the top of the page.

Communication Logs

Aloware's Communication Logs section displays all communications made individually. Users can add more details to the table,

  • Click the Table Settings. and select relevant data points

Changing the Date Range

Use the Date Range selector to view your reports and analytics from a specific time range.

Filtering Call Data

Users can filter more data points to narrow down reports:

Currently, users can filter based on:

  • Handling: Direction, Answer Status, Talk Time, Type, Transfer Type, Callback Status

  • Properties: Tag, Call Disposition, Conversations, Excluded Automation Communications

  • Attribution: Lines, Users, Ring Groups, Numbers, Sequences, Broadcasts

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