Customers reported that they are not getting either a direct call or a call routed from a ring group.

This article provides information on how to solve this issue.


Please follow the instruction:

1. Use the Ring Group Routing Test to determine that the user can receive calls from the specific call group.

This test will show if a user is ready to take calls or unavailable. If it shows ready, proceed to the next step.

2. Call the user directly and see if calls will go through; in the event that you encounter an issue wherein the Dashboard shows that the user is ringing, but nothing is ringing on their end, see if they're using an iPhone.

We're currently having an issue with specific iPhone OS versions where mobile application calls are failing and getting stuck; we're currently aware of this issue and currently working on getting this resolved, but in the meantime, please report this to support@aloware.com.

3. If the user has no way to receive calls through the desktop app or web browser, the workaround is to forward calls to the user's mobile number; this will allow the user to receive them to his mobile number instead of the app.

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