What is an Email Lead?

Many platforms today (including Facebook Ads, Yelp, Zapier, Nolo, eLocal, 4Legal among others) use email to transmit and sell lead data to their customers. These publishing groups usually use email to transmit the lead data to the buyer, and it’s up to the buyer to take that lead information and make a call. This process is manual, and of course quite very time-sensitive.

Example of an email lead from Nolo:

Aloware’s Lead Intake by Email feature automatically converts any email leads you receive from Content Networks, Publishers, or Lead Gen sites into Aloware Contacts automatically.

How do I convert Email Leads into Aloware Contacts?

Save time by automating the creation of new leads from email using Aloware's Lead Intake by Email feature.

  1. Go to the Sequences Tab. Pick an existing Sequence (or create one).

  2. Click the Sequence's More (ellipse) button, select Intake & Triggers.

  3. Click on “Install Email Service”. This generates a unique email address to which you can forward or send new email Leads.

  4. When Aloware receives emails containing formatted lead data from this email address, it'll use a best guess algorithm to convert the data into a new Aloware Contact.

Note - Save even more time by automatically enrolling these these contacts into passive or active marketing campaigns using Sequences+.

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